Robert Watson (FreeBSD Home Page)

I'm a FreeBSD Core Team member, as well as member of the security officer and release engineering teams. Several years ago, I founded the TrustedBSD Project. I've recently left a position as Senior Principal Scientist at SPARTA (previously McAfee Research, NAI Labs) in order to work on a PhD at the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. You may also be interested in looking at Robert Watson's Home Page or Robert Watson's Cambridge Home Page, which contain, respectively, information on my personal and academic activities.

If you're running FreeBSD and have a Meteor (meteor) or Brooktree (bktr) video capture card, you might be interested in AATV for FreeBSD, which renders your TV/video input in a ASCII using the aalib library.

The FreeBSD Netperf Project is working on improving network performance as part of the SMPng Project. I maintain a personal Netperf web page, including patches and log, as well as other useful pages like my KTR on FreeBSD page which discusses tracing locks, context switches, etc.

The OpenBSM Project provides an open source implementation of Sun's Basic Security Module (BSM) audit API and file format. OpenBSM has been integrated into FreeBSD as of version FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE.