Python Bindings for OpenDX

Version 1.11

What is it?

IBM Data Explorer (DX) is an industrial-strength scientific visualization package developed at IBM, and OpenDX is the open-source spin-off of the IBM DX project.

Py-OpenDX is a Python binding for the OpenDX API. Currently only the DXLink library is wrapped, though this may be expanded in the future to cover other DX libraries such as CallModule and DXLite.

With the DXLink interface, programs can start up a DX executive and communicate with it via the DXL API. Simple test programs are included in this package which show how to use DXL to perform batch and interactive tasks with DX.

For more information, on IBM DX and OpenDX, refer to:

See docs/README in the source package for more details on Py-OpenDX.

How do I get it?

Click here:

How do I build it?

It's a snap thanks to DistUtils. Beta testers have had generally found installation to be easy.

Refer to docs/INSTALL in the package, but basically:

  1. Decompress the source tarball.
  2. In, edit the "include_dir" and "libraries_dir" to point to where your OpenDX includes (dxl.h) and libraries (libDXL.a and libDXlite.a) live.
  3. Run:
    python build
    python install

How do I use it?

Refer to docs/README in the source package.

Feel free to e-mail any comments, questions, problems, or enhancements to my e-mail address below.

A Short Example

from DX     import DXEXEC
from DX.DXL import *

conn = DXLStartDX( DXEXEC + " -execonly", None )
DXLSetSynchronization ( conn, 1 )
DXLSetMessageDebugging( conn, 1 )

exDXLLoadScript( conn, "" )
DXLExecuteOnce ( conn )
WaitForDXIdle  ( conn )

DXLExitDX( conn )

Randall Hopper
Last Update: 01/20/01