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PÁLI Gábor János


Wearing sneakers since 1998.

A former game engine programmer at Invictus, now a free software developer. Also a freelance special translator of English and Hungarian in Informatics and Mathematics. Graduated at the University of Debrecen majoring in Computer Science with minor in Special Translation. As an assistant lecturer at Department of Programming Languages and Compilers, Eötvös Lóránd University, he is mainly interested in the declarative programming approach, contemporary functional programming (especially in embedded domain-specific languages in Haskell). Professional interests also include (lightweight) documentation engineering and typography, software localization, portability issues, UNIX system administration, operating systems, and systems programming.

Current Status

Past Students

Maintained Ports

  • devel/bisoncppLALR(1) parser generator that generates C++ classes
  • devel/icmakeAn Intelligent C-like Maker (required by Bobcat, Bisonc++, Yodl)
  • devel/libbobcatBrokken's Own Base Classes And Templates (required by Bisonc++)
  • lang/fsharpFunctional and object-oriented language for the .NET platform
  • textproc/bibutilsProgram set interconverts between various bibliography formats
  • textproc/yodlAn easy to use but powerful document formatting/preparation language
  • haskellSoftware related to the Haskell language (as member of the FreeBSD Haskell Team)


Events Organized

Other Projects

Past Roles

  • (doc/hu_HU.ISO8859-2 | www/hu)-Committer from April 2008 to November 2010 (was mentored by: Kövesdán Gábor)
  • (doc | www)-Committer from August 2008 to November 2010 (was mentored by: Kövesdán Gábor)

Translated and Maintained Documents (between 2007.09.01. and 2010.11.30.)


  • mfen — a shell script for checking new versions of documentation files (uses heuristics) in the doc/www tree
  • checkupdate (with Giorgos Keramidas), a Python program for checking new versions of documentation files in the doc/www (requires manual annotation), check its sample output here
  • Translation Checking Service — a cron job built upon checkupdate, running for the Hungarian, Spanish, and Dutch Translation Projects
  • HackageDB Port Checking Service — a cron job checking for new versions of ported Haskell software, running for the FreeBSD Haskell Mailing List
  • hsporter — a Haskell program for converting Cabal packages to FreeBSD ports
  • FreeBSD Haskell Maintainer's Toolkit — small utility programs that can help your work when maintaining Haskell ports


  • Public Key
    sec   4096R/6D7E445C 2013-06-14 [expires: 2018-06-13]
    uid                  Páli Gábor János (Primary identity) 
    uid                  Gabor Pali (FreeBSD committer) 
    uid                  Páli Gábor János (Magyar BSD Egyesület) 
    uid                  Páli Gábor János (Eötvös Loránd University) 
    uid                  Páli Gábor János (Eötvös Loránd University) 
    ssb   4096R/A57B06AB 2013-06-14