Xfce's core components unstable

Currently, we can test (and report bugs) development releases of some Xfce's core components.

devel/xfce4-dev-tools is also available, it's only necessary, if you want to compile libraries from git checkout.

Be careful, these releases are not stables.

Cloning the Xfce repository

First, install devel/subversion.

Script (calls xfcemerge) is available in Tools/scripts/ directory, which can help you, in order to update your ports tree.

If you want to use xfcemerge.

$ svn co --depth empty \
> https://svn.redports.org/olivierd/xfce4/trunk/Tools/scripts
$ cd scripts
$ svn up --set-depth files

Now, cloning repository is very easy.

$ sh xfcemerge -c

Otherwise, you need to select the 4.11 branch.

$ svn co https://svn.redports.org/olivierd/xfce4/tags/4.11 xfce4

To merge in your ports tree, with script:

$ sh xfcemerge -m

Or select each port one by one.


In the next stable release, default icons theme will be GNOME (PR183690). So some ports contain patch which replaces Tango icons by GNOME.

Respect order in following list:

Then applications:

Note :

If you use deskutils/xfce4-xkb-plugin an upgrade is also necessary.

In x11-fm/thunar wallpaper plugin is disable bug #10390, because it's not compatible with the latest xfdesktop (since 4.11.0).

If you want to test the latest release of Parole, GTK3 must be selected in x11/libxfce4menu.

With the latest xfwm4, Alt+scroll-wheel zooming was added, (need compositing). Support of multiple monitors has been improved.


Wallpaper on workspace #1Wallpaper on workspace #2

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