FreeBSD/SPARC Port Status

January 21, 2000

To be blunt, the port is a long way from release. The 64-bit machines have a head start on the overall port, since all of the early work was developed for that platform. In the last week, several people have offered to work on coding, both kernel and userland. These developers account for a wide variety of hardware, including at least two machines from each architecture family. The list of machines available for development currently looks like this:

Additionally, a few people have offered to test code on their machines, which adds a little more diversity to the "development environment." These machines include:

There has been much discussion about what host OS to use. As it stands, the userland pieces of the port will initially be accomplished by re-compiling FreeBSD's userland on NetBSD/SPARC 1.4(.x). Kernel development will be done wherever each developer is most comfortable, until/unless a standard environment is decided. Userland sources and platform-independent kernel code should be taken from FreeBSD-4.0-current. Platform-dependent code, as much as possible, should be written in keeping with the best practices of the FreeBSD operating system (read: don't blindly copy code from other OS's).

Last modified: Jan 21, 2000 04:58 EST