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FreeBSD is a rapidly developing operating system. Keeping up on the latest developments can be a chore! To keep on top of things, be sure and check this page periodically. Also, you may wish to subscribe to the freebsd-announce mailing list.

For latest news of FreeBSD Java Project please visit FreeBSD/Java NewsFlash page.

For a detailed description of past, present, and future releases, see the Release Information page.

For FreeBSD Security Advisories, please refer to the Security Information page.

August 2001

17 August, 2001:
Annelise Anderson, a frequent contributor to the FreeBSD mailing lists, has written "FreeBSD: An Open-Source Operating System for Your PC", an introduction to FreeBSD aimed at the new user. Published by The Bit Tree Press, the ISBN is 0971204500, and it can be ordered from, amongst other places, the DaemonNews Mall.

16 August, 2001:
The Installing FreeBSD section of the Handbook has been substantially improved and updated. The new documentation features "screenshots" of almost every stage of the installation process, and expanded text detailing what each stage of the install covers. The bulk of the work was carried out by Randy Pratt.

14 August, 2001:
New committer: Max Khon

9 August, 2001:
New committer: Randy Pratt (Docs)

9 August, 2001:
The July 2001 status report is now available; see the Status Reports Web page.

8 August, 2001:
An RDF file of the last 10 news headlines on the FreeBSD site is now available. The URL is You can use this file to syndicate FreeBSD news headlines on to your own web site (as Daily DaemonNews and the FreeBSD Diary do), or on to your desktop, using applications such as KNewsTicker.

7 August, 2001:
Pandaemonium, the BSD Users Group of Western Australia, has been added to the Support page.

6 August, 2001:
New committer: Valentino Vaschetto (Docs)

July 2001

30 July, 2001:
A second edition of The FreeBSD Handbook will be in production shortly. A task list has been published for anyone who wants to help contribute to the state of available printed documentation about FreeBSD.

26 July, 2001:
New committer: Mark Peek

16 July, 2001:
New committer: Rob Braun

16 July, 2001:
New committer: Dave Zarzycki

16 July, 2001:
New committer: Mike Barcroft

13 July, 2001:
New committer: Chern Lee (Docs)

June 2001

21 June, 2001:
New committer: Brooks Davis (Networking, Mobile Computing)

20 June, 2001:
John Kozubik has submitted an article explaining How to use FreeBSD with solid state media.

17 June, 2001:
Benno Rice has completed enough work to allow FreeBSD to reach the mountroot prompt on the PowerPC processor. Please see the PowerPC platform page and mailing list for more information.

15 June, 2001:
New committer: Mike Silbersack (Networking)

14 June, 2001:
New committer: Johann Visagie (Ports)

13 June, 2001:
Robert Watson has compiled a status report for the FreeBSD Project. These reports are scheduled to continue on a monthly basis.

11 June, 2001:
New committer: Anton Berezin (all things Perl)

6 June, 2001:
New committer: David W. Chapman Jr.(Ports)

6 June, 2001:
New committer: Mark Pulford (Ports)

1 June, 2001:
New committer: Crist J. Clark (Networking, security)

May 2001

24 May, 2001:
The famous ftp site,, is now back in full operation. Many thanks to Tele Danmark, who are supplying the machine as well as the network connection.

16 May, 2001:
New committer: Jim Pirzyk

2 May, 2001:
The first May 2001 issue of the FreeBSD 'zine is now available. Starting this month, there will be two issues per month; one on the 1st, and one on the 15th.

April 2001

27 April, 2001:
FreeBSD now works with multiple processors on Alpha systems, thanks to the efforts of John Baldwin, Andrew Gallatin, and Doug Rabson.

25 April, 2001:
New committer: Takuya SHIOZAKI (Internationalization)

25 April, 2001:
New committer: Udo Erdelhoff (Docs)

18 April, 2001:
The Developer's Handbook is now available on the web site. This is an evolving resource for people wanting to develop software for FreeBSD (and not just for the committers who are developing FreeBSD). Don't forget that a complete list of documentation available from this site is also available.

17 April, 2001:
Addison Wesley have allowed us to republish Chapter 8 of the FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide. Chapter 8 provides an in-depth look at providing printing services to Windows, NT, and Novell clients using FreeBSD.

16 April, 2001:
Yet another new committer: Jens Schweikhardt (Standards compliance)

12 April, 2001:
The April issue of The FreeBSD 'zine is now available.

10 April, 2001:
The Ports Collection now contains more than 5,000 individual entries!

5 April, 2001:
New committer: George Reid (Sound support, ports)

4 April, 2001:
Wind River to Acquire BSDi Software Assets. Please read the Wind River Press Release, the announcement from Jordan K. Hubbard, and the FreeBSD Core Team statement.

March 2001

25 March, 2001:
New committer: Yar Tikhiy (Networking)

24 March, 2001:
New committer: Eric Melville (System tools)

13 March, 2001:
The March issue of The FreeBSD 'zine is now available.

9 March, 2001:
New committer: Dima Dorfman (Docs)

7 March, 2001:
New committer: Michael C. Wu (Internationalization, porting efforts)

6 March, 2001:
New committer: Thomas Möstl (POSIX.1e extensions)

6 March, 2001:
New committer: Orion Hodson (Sound support)

February 2001

20 February, 2001:
New committer: Jesper Skriver

16 February, 2001:
The February issue of The FreeBSD 'zine is now available.

5 February, 2001:
New committer: Mike Heffner (Audit project)

January 2001

24 January, 2001:
New committer: Jimmy Olgeni (Ports)

23 January, 2001:
New committer: Dirk Meyer (Ports)

20 January, 2001:
New committer: Ying-chieh Liao (Ports)

Older announcements: 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996

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