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Advocacy (More information...)

The FreeBSD-Advocacy mailing list exists to help bring together individuals who want to help promote and evangelise FreeBSD to other individuals, organisations, and manufacturers.

General chat (More information...)

The FreeBSD-Chat mailing list is for general discussion that may or may not directly relate to FreeBSD. Discussions that wander off topic in the other mailing lists frequently migrate to chat, where they may drag on, and on, and on...

-current users (More information...)

The FreeBSD-Current mailing list is for people running FreeBSD-Current. It includes warnings about new features coming in -current that will affect users, and instructions on steps that must be taken to remain -current.

If you run -current it is strongly recommended that you subscribe to this list.

Documentation Project (More information...)

The FreeBSD-Doc mailing list is for discussions relating to the FreeBSD documentation. Joining the mailing list automatically makes you a part of the FreeBSD Documentation Project.

Filesystems (More information...)

The FreeBSD-FS mailing list is for people working on implementing and improving new or existing filesystems under FreeBSD.

Hackers (More information...)

The FreeBSD-Hackers mailing list is for technical discussion relating to FreeBSD. Individuals working on FreeBSD can bring up problems, and discuss alternative solutions and implementations.

Newbies (More information...)

This list covers any of the activities of newbies that are not already dealt with elsewhere, including: independent learning and problem solving techniques, finding and using resources and asking for help elsewhere, how to use mailing lists and which lists to use, general chat, making mistakes, boasting, sharing ideas, moral (but not technical) support.

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