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There are three varieties of the Wincast TV:

Wincast TV
Wincast TV/dbx = Wincast TV + Dolby decoder
Wincast TV/fm = Wincast TV + Dolby + FM reception

Some of the model numbers:

Model 400 WinCast/TV
Model 401 WinCast/TVdbx with dbx-TV stereo
Model 405 Win/TVpci with PAL B/G tuner (Bt848 ???)
Model 406 Win/TVpci with PAL I tuner (Bt848 ???)

Major Parts on the board:

TDA9850 I2C-bus controlled BTSC Stereo/SAP Decoder.
Philips PCF8582 256x8 I2C-bus controlled serial E2Prom, for configuration data.
Philips HEF4052 (which is similar to the 74LV4052) dual 4-channel analog mux/demux.

Connectors on the mounting bracket:

Coax RF input (e.g. from Antenna)
Video in, Left Audio In, and Right Audio In RCA jacks (e.g. from VCR)
Audio miniplug output (to soundcard's line-in)

Connectors on the board (internal)

CD-audio passthrough, small white connector is CD-in, large black connector is CD-out.

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