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There are two varieties of the STB TV PCI:

STB TV030 = STB TV + Dolby decoder, W95 drivers
STB TV130 = STB TV + Dolby, W95 drivers, Intercast Software

Major Parts on the STB board:

BrookTree Bt848 Video Capture Chip.

TDA9850 I2C-bus controlled BTSC Stereo/SAP Decoder.
24C01A I2C-bus controlled serial E2Prom, for configuration data.
TDA1308 Stereo Headphone Driver.
Philips HEF4052 (which is similar to the 74LV4052) dual 4-channel analog mux/demux.

Connectors on the STB mounting bracket:

TV Antenna/Cable Input
Stereo Audio Input
12 volt Power Output
S-video Input
Video Line (RCA) Input

Connectors on the STB board (internal)

CD-ROM Audio Input
Audio Output

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