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Circuit2.gif - 0.7 K The Bt848 driver enables low cost high performance video for the FreeBSD, BSDI and Linux communities.

At $120 or less for Bt848 + tuner PCI card, it enables these communities to participate in the mass market for video.

A compelling use for this equipment will be video conferencing, not to mention the ability for college students to watch TV with their PCs when they are not doing their home work!

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circuit3.gif - 0.3 K Hardware support
  • PCI to PCI dma transfer
  • clipping
  • yuv
  • rgb16
  • rgb24
  • rgb32
  • various tuners supported
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  • FXTV is our coolest tv viewer with support for software mpeg encoding and X-10 Mouse Remote support which allows to change the volume , tv channels, mute, freeze frame, etc...
  • Another TV client: DTV
  • Flemming Jacobsen's excellent tcl/tk radio application
  • There's an X11 remote control for tuning.
  • Supports the mbone tool vic . Here is the source for a module which allows vic to work with a Matrox Meteor or Bt848 based cards.
  • Sample mpeg movie generated with fxtv Knight.mpg
  • Sample command line video capture program. It periodically takes snapshots and saves the image in jpeg format. videocapture.c

circuit3.gif - 0.3 K You NEED to be running FreeBSD 2.2/3.0 for this driver. The driver is also part of FreeBSD 2.2.5 and FreeBSD 3.0-current
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Here's the current driver driver .

Here's Quickstart instructions

circuit3.gif - 0.3 K Info on the I2C bus

All 4 boards are based on:

BrookTree Bt848 Video Capture Chip.
BrookTree Bt848 datasheet. . Thats right folks thats an http pointer for a databook which explains how to program the Bt848 chipset.

To get the datasheets by snail-mail, ask for:
"Bt848 Single-chip Video Capture for PCI"

Brooktree Corporation
9868 Scranton Road
San Diego, Ca. 92121-3707
tel (619) 452-7580
fax (619) 452-1249

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  • With eeprom.c you can record the contents of the on-board EEProm.
  • Invoke as "eeprom 0 256" (Wincast/TV) or "eeprom 0 128" (STB TV/PCI).
  • With freq.c you can test/debug tuning.
  • With sign.c you can record the "signature" of your card. This is useful for developing the card "auto-probe" code.
  • The (Almost Definitive ) Fourcc (YUV, YUV9, YUV12, etc..) Definition List.
  • A DOS toolkit from Philips for various I2C video/audio chips.
  • A nice list of channel frequencies for various areas around the world.
  • A GPL'd Linux Driver: Bttv

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