Mark Newton

PO Box 8138

Station Arcade Post Office

SA 5000

Telephone: (08) 8267-2910


1 Relevant Employment History

2 Education

3 Volunteer Work and Amateur Persuits

4 UNIX Experience

I have ten years worth of experience with using and administering UNIX systems.

During that time, I have accumulated knowledge on:

Additionally, through my Camtech/Communica and APANA exposure, I have become known as a guru in the following "black arts":

I have extensively used:

I have also had moderate experience with:

I've had more experience than any sane person could possibly want with:

5 Summary

I am a confident, customer-focused, self-driven achiever with wide-ranging computer expertise. I specialize in UNIX, open-systems integration, internetworking and embedded systems, with any shortcomings assisted by the fact that my background and experience enables me to pick up new concepts quickly.

I am a proficient programmer in C, perl and UNIX shell script languages. I am also comfortable with most assembly languages. I have a working knowledge of Ada, Lisp, Pascal and BASIC, and have the ability to learn new languages without trouble. My C code has been widely deployed to tens of thousands of users, through my production-quality efforts at Robway, Camtech and the FreeBSD Project.

I have extensive networking knowledge: I understand and regularly make use of TCP/IP routing, DNS, NFS, email, proxy ARP, USEnet news. I have an extensive home network consisting of UNIX-based PC systems, SPARCstations, a Sun-3/60 and a Labtam X-terminal, all permanently connected to the Internet via a system configured as a router. I can write reliable software which makes use of the Berkeley socket mechanism. I have designed and implemented custom designed-for-purpose TCP/IP firewall software for Australian National Railways' payroll gateway, and have assisted more than a dozen customers with their deployment of the TIS Firewall Toolkit.

I know my way around UNIX. I know the "right" commands to do almost any job, and where the "right" commands don't exist I am perfectly willing and able to rapidly write my own software to accomplish a given task. I am comfortable in Berkeley or System-V UNIX environments, and have experience with system administration under virtually every mainstream version of UNIX and many non-mainstream UNIX-based operating systems. I understand detailed kernel internals in BSD and SysV based systems, and enough high-level details to apply that knowledge to other UNIX based kernels.

I have the ability to work closely with other people with a wide range of backgrounds and skills to accomplish a task. I have a sense of humor and social skills which I find useful in teamwork situations.

I have documentation skills which I have used to produce reports, summaries, proposals and submissions to management, in addition to online and printed software documentation. I have written entire UNIX-based courses, including a performance tuning course for IRIX 6.2 used world-wide by Silicon Graphics Corporation.

I'm not an Abba fan.

I believe my broad range of skills would be an asset to any company desiring expertise in UNIX and networking.

Mark Newton

February 8 1999