Virtual Machine Images for VMware Player/Workstation

Here is a VMware Virtual Machine that can be used on VMware Player 1.0.1 and VMware Workstation 5.5.1.

FreeBSD/i386 6.0-RELEASE default plain installation

This zipball (about 66MB, extracted 200MB) contains smallest-as-possible installation image of FreeBSD/i386 6.0-RELEASE. Virtual machine configuration is as follows:

Even though this is a small installation image, "cvsup-without-gui" package is already installed, and /root directory has commonly-used shell packages (bash, 44bsd-csh, and zsh). There is no password for root; you can login without password.

Please understand that this VM is not "configured" for casual use; no network setup, no installed, and no /etc/rc.conf setup is done. Just a plain FreeBSD -- you can customize as you like.


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