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PRs for tag 'zfs'

This is an experimental report containing PRs for tag 'zfs' as of 5-30-2014. GNATS has no finer-grained categorization than 'kern', 'bin', 'ports', and so forth. To augment this, the bugmeisters have adopted the convention of adding '[<tagname>]' to the Synopsis field. Consider this a prototype of a better search function.

This report is generated statically.

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PRs for tag 'zfs':
o2014/05/16kern/189865smh[zfs] [patch] zfs_dirty_data_max{,_max,_percent} not exported as loader tunables
o2014/05/15kern/189826fs[zfs] zpool create using gmirror partition hard-hangs
o2014/05/04kern/189355fs[zfs] zfs panic on root mount 10-stable
o2014/04/06kern/188328fs[zfs] UPDATING should provide caveats for running `zpool upgrade`
o2014/04/02kern/188187fs[zfs] [panic] 10-stable: Kernel panic on zpool import: integer divide fault
o2014/03/20kern/187778fs[zfs] Two ZFS filesystems mounted on / at same time
o2014/03/14kern/187594fs[zfs] [patch] ZFS ARC behavior problem and fix
s2014/03/10kern/187414fs[zfs] ZFS Write Deadlock on 8.4
o2014/02/21kern/186942fs[zfs] [panic] Fatal trap 12 (seems zfs related)
o2014/01/25kern/186112fs[zfs] [panic] ZFS Panic/Solaris Assert/zap.c:479
o2014/01/21kern/185963fs[zfs] Kernel crash trying to import a damaged ZFS pool
o2014/01/18kern/185858smh[zfs] zvol clone can't see new device
o2014/01/13kern/185734fs[zfs] [panic] panic on stable/10 when writing to ZFS disk
o2013/12/11kern/184677fs[zfs] [panic] ZFS snapshot umount kernel panic
o2013/10/01kern/182536fs[zfs] zfs deadlock
o2013/09/20bin/182248[zfs][patch] 'zpool upgrade' abort()s when checking features for a faulted pool
o2013/09/09kern/181966fs[zfs] [panic] Kernel panic in ZFS I/O: solaris assert: BP_EQUAL(bp, &zio->io_bp_orig); zio.c line 2955 [9.2/amd64]
o2013/09/04kern/181791fs[zfs] ZFS ARC Deadlock
o2013/08/18kern/181377fs[zfs] zfs recv causes an inconsistant pool
o2013/08/12kern/181235smh[zfs] zfs block devices not appearing after zfs recv
o2013/07/26kern/180876fs[zfs] [hast] ZFS with trim,bio_flush or bio_delete locks hast device write operations
p2013/07/03kern/180236fs[zfs] [nullfs] Leakage free space using ZFS with nullfs on 9.1-STABLE
o2013/06/28kern/180060zfs-devel[zfs] [panic] ZFS kernel panic, solaris assert on dsl_prop_unregister
o2013/06/26kern/180001zfs-devel[zfs] [panic] Solaris(panic): zfs: allocating allocated segment
o2013/05/27kern/178999smh[zfs] dev entries for cloned zvol don't show up until after reboot
s2013/05/09kern/178467fs[zfs] [request] Optimized Checksum Code for ZFS
o2013/05/07kern/178388fs[zfs] [patch] allow up to 8MB recordsize
o2013/05/07kern/178387fs[zfs] [patch] sparse files performance improvements
o2013/05/05kern/178349fs[zfs] zfs scrub on deduped data could be much less seeky
o2013/05/04kern/178329fs[zfs] extended attributes leak
o2013/04/20kern/177985fs[zfs] disk usage problem when copying from one zfs dataset to another on the same pool using mv command
o2013/04/18kern/177966fs[zfs] resilver completes but subsequent scrub reports errors
o2013/04/01kern/177536fs[zfs] zfs livelock (deadlock) with high write-to-disk load
o2013/03/22kern/177240fs[zfs] zpool import failed with state UNAVAIL but all disks are ONLINE
o2013/03/15kern/176978fs[zfs] [panic] zfs send -D causes "panic: System call ioctl returning with 1 locks held"
o2013/03/04kern/176636[zfs] [patch] Periodical crashes with 9.1-R
o2013/02/14kern/176141fs[zfs] sharesmb=on makes errors for sharenfs, and still sets the option
o2013/02/08kern/175950fs[zfs] Possible deadlock in zfs after long uptime
o2013/02/06kern/175897fs[zfs] operations on readonly zpool hang
o2013/01/10kern/175179fs[zfs] ZFS may attach wrong device on move
o2012/12/11kern/174372fs[zfs] Pagefault appears to be related to ZFS
o2012/12/10kern/174315fs[zfs] chflags uchg not supported
o2012/12/10kern/174310fs[zfs] root point mounting broken on CURRENT with multiple pools
o2012/11/22kern/173830fs[zfs] Brain-dead simple change to ZFS error description link prefix
o2012/11/19kern/173718fs[zfs] phantom directory in zraid2 pool
o2012/11/04kern/173363fs[zfs] [panic] Panic on 'zpool replace' on readonly pool
o2012/10/31kern/173234smh[zfs] [patch] Allow filtering of properties on zfs receive (patch included)
o2012/10/26kern/173115smh[zfs] [patch] Teach ZFS about geom stripe size so zpools are created with optimum ashift
o2012/10/12kern/172630fs[zfs] [lor] zfs/zfs_vfsops.c kern/kern_descrip.c
f2012/10/01kern/172197fs[zfs] Userquota (as well as groupquota) does not work on ZFS (possible regression)
o2012/09/26kern/172092fs[zfs] [panic] zfs import panics kernel
o2012/09/07kern/171415fs[zfs] zfs recv fails with "cannot receive incremental stream: invalid backup stream"
o2012/08/20bin/170778fs[zfs] [panic] FreeBSD panics randomly
o2012/08/10kern/170523fs[zfs] zfs rename pool@snapshot1 pool@snapshot2 UNMOUNTS dataset
o2012/07/17kern/169945fs[zfs] [panic] Kernel panic while importing zpool (after having a kernel panic)
o2012/06/27kern/169480fs[zfs] ZFS stalls on heavy I/O
o2012/06/25kern/169398fs[zfs] Can't remove file with permanent error
o2012/06/22kern/169319fs[zfs] zfs resilver can't complete
o2012/06/11kern/168947fs[nfs] [zfs] .zfs/snapshot directory is messed up when viewed by a Linux client, and ls -l can hang it
o2012/05/20kern/168158fs[zfs] incorrect parsing of sharenfs options in zfs (fsshare.c)
o2012/05/07kern/167685fs[zfs] ZFS on USB drive prevents shutdown / reboot
o2012/04/24kern/167272fs[zfs] ZFS Disks reordering causes ZFS to pick the wrong drive
o2012/04/19kern/167109fs[zfs] [panic] zfs diff kernel panic Fatal trap 9: general protection fault
o2012/04/18kern/167067fs[zfs] [panic] ZFS panics the server
o2012/04/18kern/167065fs[zfs] boot fails when a spare is the boot disk
o2012/04/11kern/166851fs[zfs] [hang] Copying directory from the mounted UFS disk image hangs in DL+ vnread state (source and destination both on the same ZFS)
o2012/02/28kern/165521fs[zfs] [hang] livelock on 1 Gig of RAM with zfs when 310.locate is run
o2012/01/22kern/164370fs[zfs] zfs destroy for snapshot fails on i386 and sparc64
o2012/01/17kern/164256fs[zfs] device entry for volume is not created after zfs receive
o2012/01/04kern/163815[ahci] [zfs] HDD timeout on ZFS + SB7x0 SATA Controller [AHCI]
o2012/01/02kern/163770fs[zfs] [hang] LOR between zfs&syncer + vnlru leading to ZFS deadlock
o2011/11/24kern/162860fs[zfs] Cannot share ZFS filesystem to hosts with a hyphen in hostname
o2011/11/22kern/162751fs[zfs] [panic] kernel panics during file operations
o2011/11/13kern/162519fs[zfs] "zpool import" relies on buggy realpath() behaviour
o2011/10/24kern/161968fs[zfs] [hang] renaming snapshot with -r including a zvol snapshot causes total ZFS freeze/lockup
p2011/10/22kern/161897ae[zfs] [patch] zfs partition probing causing long delay at BTX loader
o2011/10/13kern/161533fs[zfs] [panic] zfs receive panic: system ioctl returning with 1 locks held
o2011/10/09kern/161438fs[zfs] [panic] recursed on non-recursive spa_namespace_lock when creating zpool from zvol
o2011/10/04kern/161280fs[zfs] Stack overflow in gptzfsboot
o2011/09/30kern/161169fs[zfs] [panic] ZFS causes kernel panic in dbuf_dirty
o2011/09/21kern/160893fs[zfs] [panic] 9.0-BETA2 kernel panic
o2011/09/18kern/160801fs[zfs] zfsboot on 8.2-RELEASE fails to boot from root-on-zfs in MBR slice [regression]
o2011/09/17kern/160777fs[zfs] [hang] RAID-Z3 causes fatal hang upon scrub/import on 9.0-BETA2/amd64
o2011/09/13kern/160706fs[zfs] zfs bootloader fails when a non-root vdev exists on a slice before the root slice
o2011/09/09kern/160591fs[zfs] Fail to boot on zfs root with degraded raidz2 [regression]
o2011/08/29kern/160283fs[zfs] [patch] 'zfs list' does abort in make_dataset_handle
o2011/08/03kern/159402fs[zfs][loader] symlinks cause I/O errors
o2011/08/01kern/159357fs[zfs] ZFS MAXNAMELEN macro has confusing name (off-by-one)
o2011/08/01kern/159356fs[zfs] [patch] ZFS NAME_ERR_DISKLIKE check is Solaris-specific
o2011/07/28kern/159251fs[zfs] [request]: add FLETCHER4 as DEDUP hash option
o2011/07/21kern/159077fs[zfs] Can't cd .. with latest zfs version
o2011/07/19kern/159045fs[zfs] [hang] ZFS scrub freezes system
o2011/07/12kern/158839fs[zfs] ZFS Bootloader Fails if there is a Dead Disk
o2011/05/29kern/157399fs[zfs] trouble with: mdconfig force delete && zfs stripe
o2011/05/19kern/157179fs[zfs] [panic] zfs/dbuf.c: panic: solaris assert: arc_buf_remove_ref(db->db_buf, db) == 0
o2011/05/03kern/156797fs[zfs] [panic] Double panic with FreeBSD 9-CURRENT and ZFS
o2011/05/02kern/156781fs[zfs] zfs is losing the snapshot directory,
o2011/03/16kern/155615fs[zfs] zfs v28 broken on sparc64 -current
o2011/03/15kern/155587fs[zfs] [panic] kernel panic with zfs
o2011/02/27bin/155104fs[zfs][patch] use /dev prefix by default when importing
o2011/02/21kern/154930fs[zfs] cannot delete/unlink file from full volume -> ENOSPC
o2011/01/14kern/153996fs[zfs] zfs root mount error while kernel is not located in /boot/kernel
o2011/01/07kern/153753fs[zfs] ZFS v15 - grammatical error when attempting to use existing cache device
o2011/01/06kern/153716fs[zfs] zpool scrub time remaining is incorrect
o2011/01/04kern/153695fs[patch] [zfs] Booting from zpool created on 4k-sector drive doesn't work
o2010/12/24kern/153418fs[zfs] [panic] Kernel Panic occurred writing to zfs volume via nfs.
o2010/12/21kern/153351fs[zfs] locking directories/files in ZFS
o2010/12/17bin/153258fs[patch][zfs] creating ZVOLs requires `refreservation' ability
s2010/12/15kern/153173fs[zfs] booting from a gzip-compressed dataset doesn't work
o2010/12/14bin/153142fs[zfs] ls -l outputs `ls: ./.zfs: Operation not supported'
o2010/12/13kern/153126fs[zfs] vdev failure, zpool=peegel type=vdev.too_small
o2010/11/04kern/151942fs[zfs] [panic] panic during ls(1) zfs snapshot directory
f2010/11/03kern/151910pjd[zfs] booting from raidz/raidz2 on ciss(4) doesn't work
o2010/11/03kern/151905fs[zfs] page fault under load in /sbin/zfs
o2010/10/22kern/151648fs[zfs] disk wait bug
o2010/10/09kern/151330fs[zfs] will unshare all zfs filesystem after execute a "zfs clone"
o2010/10/05kern/151226fs[zfs] can't delete zfs snapshot
o2010/09/12kern/150503fs[zfs] ZFS disks are UNAVAIL and corrupted after reboot
o2010/09/12kern/150501fs[zfs] ZFS vdev failure vdev.bad_label on amd64
o2010/09/08kern/150390fs[zfs] zfs deadlock when arcmsr reports drive faulted
o2010/08/01kern/149173fs[patch] [zfs] make OpenSolaris <sys/nvpair.h> installable
o2010/07/27kern/149015fs[zfs] [patch] misc fixes for ZFS code to build on Glibc
o2010/07/27kern/149014fs[zfs] [patch] declarations in ZFS libraries/utilities collide with glibc namespace
o2010/07/27kern/149013fs[zfs] [patch] make ZFS makefiles use the libraries from build directory
o2010/07/11kern/148504fs[zfs] ZFS' zpool does not allow replacing drives to be offlined or removed
o2010/07/11kern/148490fs[zfs]: zpool attach - resilver bidirectionally, and reports incorrect time
o2010/07/04kern/148368fs[zfs] ZFS hanging forever on 8.1-PRERELEASE
o2010/06/25kern/148138fs[zfs] zfs raidz pool commands freeze
o2010/06/16kern/147903fs[zfs] [panic] Kernel panics on faulty zfs device
o2010/06/15kern/147881fs[zfs] [patch] ZFS "sharenfs" doesn't allow different "exports" options for different hosts
p2010/06/06kern/147560ae[zfs] [boot] Booting 8.1-PRERELEASE raidz system take ages
o2010/05/25kern/146941fs[zfs] [panic] Kernel Double Fault - Happens constantly
o2010/05/21kern/146786fs[zfs] zpool import hangs with checksum errors
o2010/05/13kern/146528fs[zfs] Severe memory leak in ZFS on i386
o2010/05/08kern/146410pjd[zfs] [patch] bad file copy performance from UFS to ZFS
f2010/04/18kern/145802pjd[zfs] page fault under load
s2010/04/15kern/145712fs[zfs] cannot offline two drives in a raidz2 configuration (8.0-stable)
f2010/04/03kern/145339pjd[zfs] deadlock after detaching block device from raidz pool
o2010/04/01kern/145272fs[zfs] [panic] Panic during boot when accessing zfs on a gmirror
o2010/03/31kern/145238fs[zfs] [panic] kernel panic on zpool clear tank
o2010/03/31kern/145229fs[zfs] Vast differences in ZFS ARC behavior between 8.0-RC1 and 8.0-RELEASE [regression]
p2010/03/03kern/144447fs[zfs] sharenfs fsunshare() & fsshare_main() non functional
s2010/03/02kern/144415fs[zfs] [panic] kernel panics on boot after zfs crash
o2010/02/23kern/144234fs[zfs] Cannot boot machine with recent gptzfsboot code [regression]
o2010/02/05bin/143572fs[zfs] zpool(1): [patch] The verbose output from iostat does not set the correct column width when multiple pools are displayed.
o2010/01/24kern/143184fs[zfs] [lor] zfs/bufwait LOR
o2010/01/16kern/142878fs[zfs] [vfs] lock order reversal
o2010/01/15kern/142872pjd[zfs] ZFS ZVOL Lockmgr Deadlock
o2010/01/10kern/142594pjd[zfs] Modification time reset to 1 Jan 1970 after fsync+crash on ZFS root volume ('legacy' mount)
o2010/01/08kern/142489fs[zfs] [lor] allproc/zfs LOR
o2010/01/04kern/142306fs[zfs] [panic] ZFS drive (from OSX Leopard) causes two kernel panics
f2009/12/17kern/141718pjd[zfs] [panic] kernel panic when 'zfs rename' is used on mounted snapshot
o2009/11/30kern/141010fs[zfs] "zfs scrub" fails when backed by files in UFS2
o2009/11/26kern/140888fs[zfs] boot fail from zfs root while the pool resilvering
o2009/11/18kern/140661fs[zfs] [patch] /boot/loader fails to work on a GPT/ZFS-only system on both 8.0-RC2 and RC3
o2009/11/17kern/140640fs[zfs] snapshot crash
o2009/10/18kern/139725fs[zfs] zdb(1) dumps core on i386 when examining zpool contents: Assertion failed: (rwlp->rw_count == 0)
o2009/10/18kern/139715fs[zfs] vfs.numvnodes leak on busy zfs
s2009/09/21kern/139039pjd[zfs] zpool scrub makes system unbearably slow
o2009/06/13kern/135546fs[zfs] zfs.ko module doesn't ignore zpool.cache filename supplied by loader
o2009/05/29kern/135050fs[zfs] ZFS clears/hides disk errors on reboot
o2009/05/12kern/134491fs[zfs] Hot spares are rather cold...
f2008/11/06kern/128633pjd[zfs] [lor] lock order reversal in zfs
f2008/11/01kern/128514pjd[zfs] [mpt] problems with ZFS and LSILogic SAS/SATA Adapter
f2008/09/19kern/127492pjd[zfs] System hang on ZFS input-output
s2008/07/18kern/125738fs[zfs] [request] SHA256 acceleration in ZFS
f2008/04/18kern/122888pjd[zfs] zfs hang w/ prefetch on, zil off while running transmission-daemon
f2007/12/19misc/118855pjd[zfs] ZFS-related commands are nonfunctional in fixit shell.
o2007/10/13kern/117158fs[zfs] [panic] zpool scrub causes panic if geli vdevs detach on last close
o2007/08/09bin/115361fs[zfs] mount(8) gets into a state where it won't set/unset ZFS properties (atime, exec, setuid)
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