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PRs for tag 'linux'

This is an experimental report containing PRs for tag 'linux' as of 5-30-2014. GNATS has no finer-grained categorization than 'kern', 'bin', 'ports', and so forth. To augment this, the bugmeisters have adopted the convention of adding '[<tagname>]' to the Synopsis field. Consider this a prototype of a better search function.

This report is generated statically.

Please give feedback on this report to Thanks.

PRs for tag 'linux':
o2014/01/19kern/185873dchagin[linux] waitpid() in linux threads fails with ECHILD
o2013/08/04kern/181012emulation[linux] [patch] Implemented linux system call fstatfs64
o2013/01/03kern/174933emulation[linux] if_nameindex fail in linuxulator enviroment
o2012/07/13kern/169814emulation[linux] ptrace is broken in Linux emulation
o2012/07/12kern/169805emulation[linux] utime() syscall does not work in linuxulator
o2012/02/10kern/164957emulation[linux] [hang] Linux emulation freezes machine after heavy usage of cpu and memory
o2011/08/10kern/159646emulation[linux] [patch] bump Linux version in linuxulator
o2011/02/25kern/155040emulation[linux] [patch] Linux recvfrom doesn't handle proto family
o2011/01/11kern/153887emulation[linux] Linux emulator not understand STB_GNU_UNIQUE binding
o2010/10/25kern/151714emulation[linux] print/acroread9 not usable due to lack of support in the FreeBSD Linux emulator for the inotify_init syscall
p2010/06/22kern/148076dchagin[linux] linux_sys_futex: unknown op 265
o2010/05/02kern/146237emulation[linux] [fusefs] Linux binaries not reading directories mounted with fusefs-sshfs
o2009/11/01kern/140156emulation[linux] cdparanoia fails to read drive data
o2009/09/16kern/138880emulation[linux] munmap segfaults after linux_mmap2 stresstest
s2009/03/28kern/133144emulation[linux] linuxulator 2.6 crashes with nvidias
o2008/11/25kern/129169smh[linux] [patch] Linux Emulation ENOTCONN error using non-blocking TCP
o2008/08/04kern/126232emulation[linux] Linux ioctl TCGETS (0x5401) always fails
s2007/11/24kern/118230acm[linux] games/linux-quake4 fails to start
o2005/09/27kern/86619emulation[linux] linux emulator interacts oddly with cp
a2004/10/20kern/72920emulation[linux] path "prefixing" is not done on unix domain socket addresses
o2002/06/12kern/39201emulation[linux] [patch] ptrace(2) and rfork(RFLINUXTHPN) confuse wait()
o2002/04/10kern/36952emulation[patch] [linux] ldd(1) command of linux does not work
o2000/09/22kern/21463[linux] Linux compatability mode should not allow setuid programs
23 problems total.

Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.
a - analyzed
The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.
f - feedback
Further work requires additional information from the originator or the community - possibly confirmation of the effectiveness of a proposed solution.
p - patched
A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or confirmation from originator) are still open.
r - repocopy
The resolution of the problem report is dependent on a repocopy operation within the CVS repository which is awaiting completion.
s - suspended
The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information or resources. This is a prime candidate for somebody who is looking for a project to do. If the problem cannot be solved at all, it will be closed, rather than suspended.
c - closed
A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated, documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.