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PRs for tag 'geli'

This is an experimental report containing PRs for tag 'geli' as of 5-30-2014. GNATS has no finer-grained categorization than 'kern', 'bin', 'ports', and so forth. To augment this, the bugmeisters have adopted the convention of adding '[<tagname>]' to the Synopsis field. Consider this a prototype of a better search function.

This report is generated statically.

Please give feedback on this report to Thanks.

PRs for tag 'geli':
o2013/12/22kern/185084[regression][geli] Keyfile content potentially cleared prematurely after r259428
o2013/06/23kern/179889geom[geli] geli stopped work after updating RELEASE 9.* sources through svn [regression]
f2012/05/03kern/167562pjd[geli] geli cannot use gpt labels in loader.conf
a2011/12/02kern/163020geom[geli] [patch] enable the Camellia-XTS on GEOM ELI
o2011/10/25kern/162010geom[geli] panic: Provider's error should be set (error=0)(device=label/feiya.eli).
f2011/09/25kern/161013pjd[geli] geli with HMAC/MD5 authentication fails during init/attach/use
o2011/09/02kern/160409geom[geli] failed to attach provider
o2011/06/14kern/157863geom[geli] kbdmux prevents geli passwords from being entered properly on boot
o2011/01/22arm/154227arm[geli] using GELI leads to panic on ARM
p2010/11/27kern/152609pjd[geli] geli onetime on gzero panics
o2010/05/09kern/146429pjd[geli][panic][patch] kernel panic if geli autodetach is configured and geli provider is detached.
o2009/04/30kern/134113geom[geli] Problem setting secondary GELI key
o2009/04/22kern/133931geom[geli] [request] intentionally wrong password to destroy data
o2009/02/05bin/131415geom[geli] keystrokes are unregulary sent to Geli when typing passphrase
o2008/01/28kern/120091geom[geom] [geli] [gjournal] geli does not prompt for password on /dev/concat/XXX.eli.journal
o2008/01/27kern/120066[geli] geli boot password input fail when using serial console
o2007/10/14kern/117188[geli] System crashes/reboots on access to file on GELI-encrypted drive.
o2007/08/27kern/115856geom[geli] ZFS thought it was degraded when it should have been faulted
o2006/11/10kern/105368[geli] geli passphrase prompt malfunctioning when mounting encrypted fs at boot time
o2006/08/30conf/102700rc[geli] [patch] Add encrypted /tmp support to GELI/GBDE rc.d scripts
20 problems total.

Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.
a - analyzed
The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.
f - feedback
Further work requires additional information from the originator or the community - possibly confirmation of the effectiveness of a proposed solution.
p - patched
A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or confirmation from originator) are still open.
r - repocopy
The resolution of the problem report is dependent on a repocopy operation within the CVS repository which is awaiting completion.
s - suspended
The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information or resources. This is a prime candidate for somebody who is looking for a project to do. If the problem cannot be solved at all, it will be closed, rather than suspended.
c - closed
A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated, documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.