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PRs for tag ''

This is an experimental report containing PRs for tag '' as of 5-30-2014. GNATS has no finer-grained categorization than 'kern', 'bin', 'ports', and so forth. To augment this, the bugmeisters have adopted the convention of adding '[<tagname>]' to the Synopsis field. Consider this a prototype of a better search function.

This report is generated statically.

Please give feedback on this report to Thanks.

PRs for tag '':
o2014/04/16ports/188708portmgr[] ports framework CONFLICT_INSTALL regression with staged ports
o2014/04/16ports/188693portmgr[] OPTIONS_SINGLE: bug allows user to choose two single options simultaneously
o2013/12/11ports/184673portmgr[] abort when a dependency's ports directory doesn't exist
o2013/10/28ports/183379portmgr[] remove "security" check from b.*.m
o2013/07/20ports/180705portmgr[] patching a file with both EXTRA_PATCHES and files/patch-* fails
o2013/06/27ports/180030bapt[] [patch] add the OPTIONS{,_}FILE rename to config-conditional.
o2013/04/23ports/178072bdrewery[PATCH] [] look for Makefile.local in ${PORTSDIR} as well as ${.CURDIR}
o2013/02/20ports/176282portmgr[] [patch] add
o2012/11/20ports/173731portmgr[] Doesn't clean dependency directory if not installed or call reinstall; results in build failure later
o2012/11/14ports/173620portmgr[] Recovery of the functionality of CONFLICTS among ports with different default PREFIXs, ex., between KDE4 and others
o2012/10/22ports/172964portmgr[] USE_GITHUB feature not fully implemented
o2012/10/16ports/172741bdrewery[] check-build-conflicts checks too early for pre-build targets
o2012/08/20ports/170784bdrewery[] [patch] resolve symlinks in PREFIX on deinstall
o2012/03/06ports/165781avilla[] [patch] update font ports management
o2012/02/27ports/165502portmgr[] Proposal patch for fixing TARGET_ARCH uses with somes ports
o2012/01/30ports/164638portmgr[] [patch] architecture and OS version dependent port building
o2012/01/23ports/164423portmgr[] [patch] Pass MAKE_ENV to recursive make invocations
o2012/01/23ports/164390portmgr[] make package-recursive fails with noise
f2012/01/21ports/164351portmgr[] [patch] fix simple race condition in making work directory
o2011/11/28ports/162924portmgr[] [patch] report more information at port/pkg installation
o2011/08/20ports/159946portmgr[PATCH] [] Add support for make search license=
o2011/07/15ports/158936portmgr[] Add a filename field to DESKTOP_ENTRIES
o2011/05/18ports/157168portmgr[] New hook: CONF_FILES automatically handles configuration files
o2010/12/07ports/152877portmgr[] Patch to add locking to ports make operations
f2010/07/20ports/148783portmgr[] [patch] add LATEST_LINK and CONFLICTS to INDEX
s2010/07/16ports/148695swills[] [patch] Easier / automatic regression-test target for ports
o2010/05/11ports/146496portmgr[] [PATCH] Removing ${PORTSDIR} from dependencies
s2010/03/07ports/144533portmgr[] ports tree Makefiles fail to setup a standardardized ENV
o2009/12/15ports/141641portmgr[] [patch] make 'config-recursive' finish in one pass
o2009/06/03ports/135221portmgr[] unified support for LINUX_OSRELEASE dependency
30 problems total.

Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.
a - analyzed
The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.
f - feedback
Further work requires additional information from the originator or the community - possibly confirmation of the effectiveness of a proposed solution.
p - patched
A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or confirmation from originator) are still open.
r - repocopy
The resolution of the problem report is dependent on a repocopy operation within the CVS repository which is awaiting completion.
s - suspended
The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information or resources. This is a prime candidate for somebody who is looking for a project to do. If the problem cannot be solved at all, it will be closed, rather than suspended.
c - closed
A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated, documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.