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PRs for tag 'ath'

This is an experimental report containing PRs for tag 'ath' as of 5-30-2014. GNATS has no finer-grained categorization than 'kern', 'bin', 'ports', and so forth. To augment this, the bugmeisters have adopted the convention of adding '[<tagname>]' to the Synopsis field. Consider this a prototype of a better search function.

This report is generated statically.

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PRs for tag 'ath':
o2014/04/13kern/188576wireless[ath] traffic hangs in station mode when downgrading from AMPDU TX or reassociating
o2014/04/09kern/188415wireless[ath] Poor Atheros AR9565 performance
o2013/11/04kern/183644wireless[ath] [patch] ath(4) "stops" working
o2013/06/22kern/179847wireless[ath] [patch] Update regdomain in ath drivers including 0x165
o2013/06/19kern/179709wireless[ath] Atheros 5212 does not work: stuck beacon; resetting (bmiss count 4) [regression]
o2013/06/14kern/179547wireless[ath] Add AR9485 custom board fixes (CUS198)
o2013/06/11kern/179482wireless[ath] [patch] Fix AR9462 external LNA configuration
o2013/06/03kern/179269wireless[ath] [AR9285] RX antenna diversity is not functioning correctly; breaks single-antenna designs
o2013/05/26kern/178986wireless[ath] Change mac address of ath(4) is not reflected when wlan is brought up
o2013/05/10kern/178492wireless[ath] ath0 (AR9287) panic
o2013/05/10kern/178491wireless[ath] ath0 (AR9287) stuck beacon
o2013/05/10kern/178477wireless[ath] missed beacon / soft reset in STA mode results in hardware error and DMA engine lockup
o2013/05/06kern/178379wireless[net80211] [ath] WPA rekey on the STA side fails when transmitting lots of UDP traffic
o2013/04/30kern/178263wireless[ath] review the use of ic_freq / ic_ieee / ic_flags / ichan->channel
o2013/04/14kern/177847wireless[ath] With TPC enabled, TX power values aren't clamped to the hardware maximum
o2013/04/14kern/177846wireless[ath] [net80211] net80211 TX power limit isn't correctly implemented for the BSS node and when the TX power limit is changed
o2013/04/01kern/177530wireless[ath] ath driver isn't 32 bit int clean
o2013/02/18kern/176238wireless[ath] [patch] Correct buffer size calculation and simplify calling if_ath_alq_post()
o2013/01/31kern/175722wireless[ath]lot of bad seriesx hwrate in kernel messages
o2013/01/20kern/175446wireless[ath] high volumes of PHY errors lead to BB/MAC hangs and resets
o2013/01/12kern/175227wireless[ath] beacon timers aren't necessarily reprogrammed after a chip reset
o2012/12/08kern/174276wireless[ath] if_ath memory modified after free
o2012/11/23kern/173883wireless[ath] ath0: unable to attach - pci issue?
o2012/11/19kern/173711wireless[ath] powerd kills ath on the Asus EeePC 1005HA
o2012/11/03kern/173336wireless[ath] Atheros card improper device poweroff handling on Eee PC 900
o2012/10/22kern/172955wireless[ath] 11n does not work in adhoc mode
o2012/10/04kern/172338wireless[ath] [net80211] CCMP IV transmit counters are not correctly protected by a lock
o2012/09/13kern/171598wireless[ath] TP-Link TL-WN951N W-LAN PCI Adapter 300 MBit stuck beacons
o2012/09/01kern/171235wireless[ath] ath loses connection, system freezes on netif restart
p2012/08/23kern/170904adrian[ath] ath driver: configure related parameters when radar detection (DFS) is enabled
o2012/08/22kern/170889wireless[ath] ath driver uses some uninitilized memory
o2012/08/14kern/170620wireless[ath] LOR and deadlock when multiple vaps are used
o2012/08/13kern/170605[ath] 081312 ath logs: ath0: ath_tx_aggr_comp_aggr: AR5416 bug:
o2012/08/09kern/170513wireless[ath] ath logs: ath_tx_aggr_comp_aggr: AR5416 bug:
o2012/08/07kern/170433wireless[ath] TX hang after a stuck beacon message with active traffic
o2012/08/06kern/170411wireless[ath] Uninitialized variables in if_ath.c
o2012/08/05kern/170397wireless[ath] [patch] Uninitialized variables in ah_eeprom_9287.c
o2012/07/31kern/170302wireless[ath] 802.11n frames are not being transmitted with multiple rates
o2012/07/30kern/170281wireless[ath] 802.11n locks up on aggregation setup (ampdutx)
o2012/07/29kern/170254[ath] Atheros 9220 device timeouts.
o2012/07/23kern/170098wireless[ath] [net80211] VAPs (Virtual access points) with Atheros ath driver
o2012/06/26kern/169432wireless[ath] BAR TX hang when aggregation session is reset during a reassociation
p2012/06/24kern/169362wireless[ath] AR5416: radar pulse PHY errors sometimes include the CRC Error bit set as well as the PHY errors
o2012/06/23kern/169336wireless[ath] ANI isn't triggering in a busy/noisy environment
o2012/06/18kern/169199wireless[ath] Cannot set up static ip addresses for wireless with wpa encryption
o2012/06/06kern/168754wireless[ath] if_ath dont have internal name
o2012/06/04kern/168649[ath] TX frames sometimes occur out of order
o2012/06/01kern/168530wireless[ath] Broken WEP probably
o2012/05/27kern/168393wireless[ath] [suspend/resume] suspend/resume sometimes fails
p2012/05/15kern/167902adrian[ath] TX block-ack window holes
o2012/05/14kern/167870wireless[ath] adhoc wifi client does not join an existing IBSS if channel set manually
o2012/05/13kern/167834wireless[ath] kickpcu; 'handled 0 packets'
o2012/05/01kern/167491wireless[ath] TID != hardware queue TID in ath_tx_aggr_comp_aggr()
o2012/04/20kern/167113wireless[ath] AR5210: "stuck" TX seems to be occuring, without watchdog timeout firing
o2012/04/18kern/167080wireless[ath] channel switch on another VAP break channel setup of other
o2012/04/05kern/166684wireless[ath] [net80211] mgmtrate/mcastrate isn't updated based on the the BSS rate list
p2012/03/23kern/166357wireless[ath] 802.11n TX stall when the first frame in the BAW is in the software queue
o2012/03/21kern/166286wireless[net80211] [ath] initial switch to HT40 isn't causing a hardware channel change call
p2012/03/16kern/166190wireless[ath] TX hangs and frames stuck in TX queue
o2012/03/14kern/166086wireless[Patch][ath] Reflect state of rfkill switch in a sysctl for ath based card
o2012/03/12kern/165969wireless[ath] Slower performance in adhoc mode vs Client/AP mode, same HW
o2012/03/12kern/165966wireless[ath] ath0: device timeout on SMP machines due to race conditions
o2012/03/11kern/165951mips[ar913x] [ath] DDR flush isn't being done for the WMAC
o2012/03/10kern/165895wireless[ath] overly busy cabq can tie up all tx buffers
o2012/03/08kern/165866wireless[ath] TX hangs, requiring a "scan" to properly reset the interface
o2012/03/08kern/165849wireless[ath] [hang] network ath driver freeze
o2012/02/29kern/165543wireless[ath] ath0 endless scanning of channels without connect - Atheros 9280
o2012/02/25kern/165475wireless[ath] operational mode change doesn't poke the underlying rate control module hard enough
o2012/02/20kern/165306wireless[ath] race conditions between scanning and beacon timeout programming
o2012/02/17kern/165220wireless[ath] "ath_rx_tasklet: sc_inreset_cnt > 0; skipping" messages
o2012/02/16kern/165212wireless[ath] No WiFi on Acer Aspire One 751h (Atheros AR5BHB63 & AR5B95)
o2012/02/14kern/165149wireless[ath] [net80211] Ping with data length more than iv_fragthreshold
o2012/02/12kern/165060wireless[ath] vap->iv_bss race conditions causing crashes inside ath_beacon_alloc and similar
o2012/02/12kern/165021wireless[ath] ath device timeout during scan/attach, if wlan_ccmp/wlan_tkip isn't loaded
p2012/02/10kern/164951adrian[ath] [patch] Problem build of if_ath driver with certain mode
o2012/02/02kern/164721wireless[ath] ath device timeouts
o2012/01/22kern/164382wireless[ath] crash when down/deleting a vap - inside ieee80211_input_mimo_all()
o2012/01/02kern/163759wireless[ath] ath(4) "stops working" in hostap mode
o2011/12/29kern/163689wireless[ath] TX timeouts when sending probe/mgmt frames during scanning
o2011/12/23kern/163573wireless[ath] hostap mode TX buffer hang
o2011/12/23kern/163559wireless[ath] kernel panic AH_DEBUG
o2011/12/19bin/163455[ath] "bssid" in wlanN create_args does not change wlan MAC address
o2011/12/15kern/163318wireless[ath] ath(4) stops working
p2011/12/15kern/163312wireless[panic] [ath] kernel panic: page fault with ath0 taskq
o2011/12/13kern/163237wireless[ath] AR5416 as HostAP. Delays among clients when a client is in Power saving mode
o2011/12/05kern/163082wireless[ath] ar9285 diversity fixes
o2011/11/18kern/162648wireless[ath] AR9227 ADC DC calibration failure
o2011/11/18kern/162647wireless[ath] 11n TX aggregation session / TX hang
p2011/11/11kern/162475bschmidt[ath] functions with return type HAL_BOOL (might) return HAL_STATUS
o2011/05/31kern/157449wireless[ath] MAC address conflict causes system to freeze
o2011/05/22kern/157243wireless[ath] investigate beacon TX (AP) / RX (STA) when under heavy traffic load
o2011/05/09kern/156904wireless[ath] AR9285 antenna diversity algorithm is buggy and chooses a sub-optimal antenna
o2011/05/08kern/156884wireless[ath] ath instablity
o2011/04/10kern/156321wireless[ath] ahdemo doesn't work with if_ath
o2011/02/27kern/155100wireless[ath] ath driver on busy channel: "stuck beacon"
p2011/02/08kern/154598wireless[ath] Atheros 5424/2424 can't connect to WPA network
o2011/02/07kern/154567wireless[ath] ath(4) lot of bad series(0)
o2011/01/27kern/154327wireless[ath] AR5416 in station mode hangs when transmitting frames
o2011/01/25kern/154284wireless[ath] Modern ath wifi cards (such as AR9285) have missed LED indication
o2011/01/20kern/154153wireless[ath] AR5213 + MIPS + WPA group key packet corruption
o2010/12/25kern/153448wireless[ath] ath networking device loses association after a while
o2010/12/01kern/152750wireless[ath] ath0 lot of bad series hwrate
o2010/10/04kern/151198wireless[ath] ath/5416 fails bgscan with "ath0: ath_chan_set: unable to reset channel 11 (2462 MHz, flags 0x480), hal status 14"
o2010/08/11kern/149516wireless[ath] ath(4) hostap with fake MAC/BSSID results in station dropping packets when associated
o2010/07/02kern/148322wireless[ath] Triggering atheros wifi beacon misses in hostap mode under no radio traffic load
o2010/07/02kern/148317wireless[ath] FreeBSD 7.x hostap memory leak in net80211 or Atheros driver
o2010/06/23kern/148078wireless[ath] wireless networking stops functioning
o2010/04/19kern/145826wireless[panic] [ath] Unable to configure adhoc mode on ath0/wlan0
p2009/11/15kern/140567wireless[ath] [patch] ath is not worked on my notebook PC
o2009/11/03kern/140245wireless[ath] [panic] Kernel panic during network activity on device ath in 7.2-RELEASE-p4
o2009/07/17kern/136836wireless[ath] atheros card stops functioning after about 12 hours uptime
o2009/03/17kern/132722wireless[ath] Wifi ath0 associates fine with AP, but DHCP or IP does not work
o2008/08/12kern/126475wireless[ath] [panic] ath pcmcia card inevitably panics under FreeBSD-7 STABLE
o2008/07/17kern/125721wireless[ath] Terrible throughput/high ping latency with Ubiquiti SR9/XR9
o2008/07/14kern/125617wireless[ath] [panic] ath(4) related panic
o2008/07/11kern/125501wireless[ath] atheros cardbus driver hangs
o2008/07/06kern/125332wireless[ath] [panic] crash under any non-tiny networking under amd64 7-STABLE with ath
o2008/02/24kern/121061wireless[ath] [panic] panic while ejecting ath(4)-adapter during shutdown
f2008/02/05kern/120282imp[ath] [panic] resource_list_release: resource entry is not busy in FreeBSD 7.0
o2008/01/10kern/119513wireless[ath] [irq] inserting dlink dwl-g630 wireless card results in interrupt storm [regression]
s2007/09/18kern/116444vwe[ath] Atheros 5005G (AR5212) miniPCI: unable to attach device hal status 3
f2006/11/09kern/105348wireless[ath] ath device stopps TX
122 problems total.

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a - analyzed
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