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PRs for manpage 'sysinstall(8)'

This is an experimental report containing PRs for manpage 'sysinstall(8)' as of Fri May 30 07:39:34 2014 UTC. See notes.

PRs for manpage 'sysinstall(8)':
o2013/11/13bin/183929sysinstallsysinstall(8) keymap select emacs enhanced is actually dvorak
o2013/09/14bin/182072sysinstallsysinstall(8): Warning: The disc currently in the drive is either not a FreeBSD disc
o2012/12/16bin/174470sysinstallsysinstall(8): should be fixed to work with bsdinstall distributions
o2012/04/23bin/167222sysinstallsysinstall(8): FreeBSD 8.3 corrupting MBR partition table after installation
o2012/03/19bin/166241sysinstall[patch] Speedup and some improvements of sysinstall(8)
o2012/03/01bin/165600sysinstallsysinstall(8): 8.3 installation DVD asking for non existing DISK for package installation
f2012/02/11bin/164982gavinsysinstall(8) core dump
o2011/11/16bin/162605sysinstallsysinstall(8) doesn't identify CD/DVD drives for the user
o2011/11/07bin/162364sysinstallsysinstall(8): update sysinstall ftp mirror list for
o2011/11/02bin/162258sysinstallsysinstall(8): long-time bugs
o2011/10/20kern/161837sysinstall[libdisk] [patch] sysinstall(8) has a 32 disk limit
o2011/08/29bin/160298sysinstall(8) does not allocate enough space in / for kernel rebuild
o2011/06/05bin/157635sysinstallsysinstall(8): "none" Do not install a boot manager - touches mbr anyway
o2011/05/17bin/157117sysinstallsysinstall(8): Add to list of IPv6 ftp mirrors in sysinstall
o2011/02/15bin/154788sysinstallsysinstall(8) crashes if no network interface found
o2011/02/09bin/154613sysinstallsysinstall(8) does not rescan USB automatically
o2010/09/27bin/150995sysinstallsysinstall(8): corruption of partition table
s2010/09/03bin/150237sysinstallsysinstall(8): Suggestion: installer should suggest the user to install bsdstats port
f2010/06/28bin/148220sysinstallsysinstall(8): 9.0-current gets "Cannot resolv hostname" during install [regression]
o2010/06/28bin/148201sysinstallsysinstall(8): core dump (Error 10) while trying to install packages via sysinstall
o2010/06/22bin/148053sysinstallsysinstall(8) labeling
o2010/05/04bin/146299sysinstallsysinstall(8): cannot create slice
o2010/04/15bin/145735sysinstallsysinstall(8) trashes Vista-created partition tables
o2010/03/25bin/145027sysinstallRemove all sysinstall(8) references to floppy and slip & pppd or kernel ppp
o2010/01/15bin/142867sysinstallsysinstall(8): in a custom installation re-entering the 'Partition' menu does not show 'Select Drives' list
o2009/11/28bin/140972sysinstallsysinstall(8): 8.0-RELEASE-i386-memstick Fixit broken - No USB devices found!
f2009/11/26bin/140900gavin[geom_part] sysinstall(8) problems: "unable to make device node"
o2009/11/24bin/140843sysinstallsysinstall(8): cannot software install from usb
o2009/11/24bin/140842sysinstallsysinstall(8): destroyed ncurses interface with FBSD8.0 installing from USB
o2009/11/16bin/140595sysinstall[request] sysinstall(8): Replace "Country Selection" with "Country/Region Selection"
o2009/09/27bin/139181sysinstallWITHOUT_LEGACY_CONSOLE=1 breaks sysinstall(8)
o2009/08/31bin/138423sysinstallsysinstall(8): Installer (and sade) get wrong number of sectors per trac
o2009/08/21bin/138025sysinstallsysinstall(8) fails to create big partition
o2009/08/17bin/137864sysinstall[patch] sysinstall(8): add possibility to shutdown/poweroff without modifying /etc/rc.conf
o2009/08/13bin/137713sysinstallsysinstall(8): installer partition editor generates insane label
o2009/05/10bin/134425sysinstallsysinstall(8) custom distributions select all and deselected does install deselected sets
o2009/01/17bin/130655sysinstallsysinstall(8): no IPV4 if answer "no" when "Do you want to configure IPV6"
o2008/12/19bin/129762sysinstallsysinstall(8) doesn't seem to support GPT for EFI boards
o2008/08/25bin/126819sysinstallsysinstall(8) During install if initial name look-up fails, all subsequent lookups fail
s2008/05/01bin/123304sysinstallsysinstall(8): missing sensible and user friendly progress bar in installator
o2008/03/08bin/121503sysinstallsysinstall(8): 7.0 upgrade doesn't let me mount all of my partitions
a2008/02/26bin/121124sysinstallsysinstall(8): FreeBSD 6.3 installation deletes MBR partition
o2007/12/27bin/119077sysinstall[patch] sysinstall(8) - reading packages from index is extremely slow
o2007/12/05bin/118449sysinstallsysinstall(8): Installer failing dns lookups
o2007/10/11bin/117093kensmith[patch] [request] Teach sysinstall(8) to load config files from a variety of media, such as USB stick
o2007/06/14bin/113682sysinstall[patch] sysinstall(8) warns for invalid geometry which is not
o2007/05/18bin/112757sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall(8): in the FDISK tool we can't move the cursor under the UTF-8 locale
o2007/03/10bin/110151sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall(8) don't respects install root while partitioning
o2007/01/21bin/108191sysinstallsysinstall(8): Disklabel editor help text (by F1 key)
o2007/01/11bin/107830sysinstallsysinstall(8): Change Units (Z) in fdisk doesn't work when fdisk doesn't like the disk geometry
o2006/08/25bin/102498sysinstallsysinstall(8): Cursor doesn't track sysinstall hilight
a2006/08/10bin/101762sysinstallsysinstall(8) does not obey /usr/ports symlink while installing ports tree
o2006/07/17bin/100436kensmithsysinstall(8): live CD fixit mount does not find mount_msdosfs
o2006/05/10bin/97108sysinstallsysinstall(8): write failure on transfer (wrote -1 bytes of 1425408 bytes)
o2006/02/13bin/93275sysinstallsysinstall(8): Failure to install after restarting install program while contacting FTP host
o2005/12/19bin/90656sysinstallsysinstall(8): 6.0-RELEASE (i386) cannot be installed via wlan/wep
o2005/11/11bin/88826sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall infinity wait for da0
s2005/10/03bin/86859sysinstallsysinstall(8): Installer should ask about Linux earlier
o2005/09/28bin/86665sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall binary upgrade clobbers named.conf
o2005/09/22bin/86454sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall terminates with signal 10 if INDEX is corrupted
o2005/04/19bin/80117sysinstallsysinstall(8): [patch] smbfs install option for sysinstall
o2005/04/14bin/79910sysinstallsysinstall(8): Cannot escape from failed port/package install
o2005/04/12bin/79840sysinstallsysinstall(8): Partitioning and formating a new disk fails using sysinstall
o2005/04/07bin/79621sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall(8) does not create a device when using a disklabel
o2005/03/17bin/78964sysinstallsysinstall(8): can not write labels to hdd on installation
o2005/02/02bin/77001sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall binary upgrade clobbers /etc/login.conf.db
s2004/11/06bin/73617sysinstallsysinstall(8): fdisk editor unmarks active partition
o2004/11/02bin/73410sysinstallsysinstall(8): Sysinstall could not allocate disklabel
o2004/10/19bin/72895sysinstallsysinstall(8): Sysinstall generates invalid partition table
o2004/08/04bin/70002sysinstallsysinstall(8): fails to locate FTP dirs if the OS has patchlevel
o2004/08/04bin/69986sysinstallsysinstall(8): [patch] no job control in fixit shell on serial console
o2004/08/03bin/69942sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall changes /etc/rc.conf after install
o2004/07/28bin/69723sysinstallsysinstall(8): [request] allow to continue from package install failure
o2004/04/19bin/65774sysinstallsysinstall(8): cannot run repair disk when booted from USB CD-ROM
o2004/02/11bin/62711kensmithsysinstall(8): installation: "Insert Next CD" Prompt is Missing
o2004/02/11bin/62702sysinstallsysinstall(8): backup of /etc and /root during sysinstall upgrade can loop if user backs up /etc in /root tree
o2004/02/05bin/62367sysinstallsysinstall(8): 5.2.1-RC installation problems
o2004/01/25bin/61890sysinstallsysinstall(8): fdisk(8) uses incorrect calculations for disk geometry guessing and validation
o2004/01/20bin/61603sysinstallsysinstall(8): wrong geometry guessed
o2003/12/27bin/60632sysinstallsysinstall(8): UI bug in partition label screen in sysinstall
o2003/06/15bin/53341sysinstallsysinstall(8): [patch] dump frequency in sysinstall is always the fsck sequence number
o2003/06/10bin/53131sysinstallsysinstall(8): "ALL" could not turn check BOXes ON at packages selection
o2003/03/06bin/48989sysinstallsysinstall(8): Sysinstall's partition editor gets confused by partitions created out-of-order
s2003/02/16bin/48341sysinstallsysinstall(8): changes the active slice flag when it perhaps shouldn't
o2003/01/09bin/46905sysinstallsysinstall(8): FreeBSD 5.x cannot be installed from multisession CD-ROM
o2002/12/13bin/46235sysinstallsysinstall(8): NTP servers for Finland require updating
o2002/11/23bin/45608sysinstallsysinstall(8): install should config all ether devices, not just the first.
o2002/11/05bin/44915sysinstallsysinstall(8): 'choose installation media' choose CD-ROM and error it doesnt exist, yet it does!!
o2002/08/29bin/42162sysinstallsysinstall(8): after restart, installation crashes, md0c filled up.
o2002/08/26bin/42022sysinstallsysinstall(8): non-interactive mode prompts when only a serial console is present
o2002/08/23bin/41949sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall sorts /etc/rc.conf during netboot
o2002/08/21bin/41850sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall fails to create root filesystem on Mylex RAID controller
o2002/07/06bin/40260sysinstallsysinstall(8): hang when detecting devices (No CD/DVD devices found...)
s2002/06/20conf/39580sysinstallsysinstall(8): [request] more secure mount options
o2002/06/03bin/38854sysinstallsysinstall(8): resetting during setup causes the target installation path to change from "/mnt" (new root partition) to "/" (the memory disk)
o2002/05/27bin/38610sysinstallsysinstall(8): should be able to mount ISO images on DOS filesystems
o2002/05/24bin/38478sysinstallsysinstall(8): In Choose Distributions screen, it's difficult to remove XFree86
o2002/05/14bin/38057sysinstallsysinstall(8): "install" document doesn't display correctly under docs section
o2002/05/14bin/38056sysinstallsysinstall(8): User (creation)'s "Member groups" item should list available groups
o2002/05/14bin/38055sysinstallsysinstall(8): Groups (creation) item should be before Users
o2002/05/03bin/37710sysinstallsysinstall(8): LAN interface in wrong state after attempting net install
o2002/02/28bin/35400sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall could improve manipulation of /etc/hosts
a2001/11/29bin/32375sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall doesn't respect User generated interrupt during download
o2001/10/18bin/31363sysinstallsysinstall(8): "partition editor" silently corrects partition table
a2001/09/22bin/30737sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall leaks file descriptors on restart
o2001/09/12bin/30517sysinstallsysinstall(8): using sysinstall with install.cfg has no way to delete existing partitions
p2001/08/20bin/29893kensmithsysinstall(8): suggestions for 4.4 sysinstall
o2001/08/02bin/29375sysinstallsysinstall(8): disk editor gets confused by slices that are not labeled in order and writes the partition table incorrectly.
o2001/05/08bin/27216sysinstallsysinstall(8): can not get to shell prompt from serial console install.
a2000/12/09bin/23402sysinstallsysinstall(8): upgrade ought to check partition sizes
o2000/07/29bin/20282sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall does not recover some /etc files
o2000/02/24bin/16948sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall/disklabel: bad partition table when single->multiple slices
o1999/11/22bin/15038sysinstallsysinstall(8): easy to not notice that selection lists must be scrolled.
o1999/10/14bin/14318sysinstallsysinstall(8): sysinstall upon install has some counter-intuitive features
o1998/11/27bin/8867sysinstallsysinstall(8): [patch] /stand/sysinstall core dumps (signal 11) if you try to allocate 25 partitions at once.
s1998/07/10bin/7232sysinstallsysinstall(8): suggestion for FreeBSD installation dialog
116 problems total.


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