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PRs for manpage 'freebsd-update(8)'

This is an experimental report containing PRs for manpage 'freebsd-update(8)' as of Fri May 30 07:37:05 2014 UTC. See notes.

PRs for manpage 'freebsd-update(8)':
o2014/04/10bin/188434cpercivaFreeze attacks against freebsd-update(8)
o2014/04/10bin/188429cpercivaMITM attacks against freebsd-update(8)
o2014/04/03bin/188220cpercivafreebsd-update(8) destroys installation
o2014/02/03bin/186398cpercivafreebsd-update(8) and portsnap(8) don't work with proxies that require authentication
o2014/01/30bin/186278cpercivafreebsd-update(8) install fails if /boot is full
o2014/01/30bin/186273cpercivafreebsd-update(8) never ends asking for update
o2014/01/27bin/186152cperciva[patch] freebsd-update(8): freebsd-update -b: correctly handle symlinks with absolute paths
o2014/01/12bin/185676cpercivafreebsd-update(8) claimed success even though install ran out of disk space
o2014/01/07bin/185546cpercivafreebsd-update(8) can modify sshd and lock you out of your system
o2014/01/04kern/185476[panic] freebsd-update(8): after binary update from FreeBSD 9.1 to 9.2 i have 36 kernel panic
o2014/01/01bin/185390cpercivafreebsd-update(8) should work on installed version
o2014/01/01docs/185389cpercivafreebsd-update(8) man page does not list -v option
o2013/11/25bin/184282cperciva[patch] freebsd-update(8): allow opting-out of emails about specific target releases
o2013/11/02bin/183579freebsd-update(8) executes $PAGER unnecessarily
o2013/10/02bin/182574cpercivafreebsd-update(8) can not update custom release with custom kernels
o2013/08/25bin/181534cpercivafreebsd-update(8): ignore some config options
o2012/10/29bin/173180cpercivafreebsd-update(8) wipes system files (file size is zero) and makes the operation system not available either over consoles or network.
o2012/08/09bin/170503cpercivafreebsd-update(8) mirror finding is case sensitive
o2012/07/06bin/169685cpercivafreebsd-update(8): merge procedure should automate certain diff patterns
o2012/03/12bin/165954cpercivafreebsd-update(8) doesn't run pwd_mkdb after adding user
o2012/02/06bin/164834cpercivafreebsd-update(8) does not operate on mounted system
o2012/01/15bin/164131cpercivafreebsd-update(8) does not check for failed install commands
o2012/01/05bin/163837cpercivafreebsd-update(8): i386 lastest.ssl freebsd-update file is invalid
o2011/10/13bin/161540cpercivagzippped kernel is not updated by freebsd-update(8)
o2010/12/16bin/153211cpercivafreebsd-update(8) can not fetch updates over a proxy with mandatory authorization
o2010/06/03bin/147430cpercivafreebsd-update(8) not updating /usr/src/UPDATING
o2009/11/25bin/140863cpercivafreebsd-update(8) fails to check that writes will succeed, with hilarious consequences
o2009/09/25bin/139135cpercivafreebsd-update(8) misbehaves on upgrade and shows errors.
o2009/09/18bin/138926cperciva[patch] freebsd-update(8): allow unattended upgrade
o2009/08/07bin/137514cpercivafreebsd-update(8) doesn't update the system under some circumstances
o2009/06/16bin/135647cpercivafreebsd-update(8): forces manual merge of every file in /etc
o2009/06/10bin/135444cpercivafreebsd-update(8) failing should be more verbose
o2009/05/02bin/134167cperciva[request] freebsd-update(8) should be able to be run in the background
o2009/02/11bin/131598cpercivafreebsd-update(8) doesn't interact well with custom kernels
o2009/02/04bin/131359cpercivafreebsd-update(8): freebsd-update tag file not updated after freebsd-update rollback
o2009/02/04bin/131358cpercivafreebsd-update(8): Update servers for freebsd-update are out-of-sync
o2008/12/05bin/129431cpercivafreebsd-update(8) fetch fails because phttpget fails proxy auth
o2008/10/31bin/128501cpercivafreebsd-update(8) does not work on netbooted machines
o2008/02/12bin/120552cpercivafreebsd-update(8): freebsd-update - -r should check existence of directories
39 problems total.


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A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.
a - analyzed
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f - feedback
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