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PRs for manpage 'bsdinstall(8)'

This is an experimental report containing PRs for manpage 'bsdinstall(8)' as of Fri May 30 07:36:20 2014 UTC. See notes.

PRs for manpage 'bsdinstall(8)':
o2014/04/24bin/188951bsdinstall(8): [patch] Undefined behavior at line 135 in part_wizard.c (snprintf).
o2014/01/22bin/185978dteskebsdinstall(8): Setting root password fails and aborts installation
o2013/12/16bin/184910bootcode not installed correctly by bsdinstall(8)
o2013/12/11bin/184675sysinstallbsdinstall(8): installation crashes while asking for root password
o2013/10/12bin/182935sysinstallbsdinstall(8): Installation program interprets "dhclient already running" as an error and writes redundant data to /etc/rc.conf
o2013/10/10bin/182880bsdinstall(8): Exiting out of ipv6 config leaves ipv6 netmask in ipv4 dhcp
o2013/01/31bin/175730sysinstallSegfault in bsdinstall(8) when no disks are present
o2012/12/16bin/174475sysinstallbsdinstall(8): should remember user input
o2012/12/16bin/174473sysinstallbsdinstall(8): cannot handle some or all partitions other than /
o2012/12/16bin/174472sysinstallbsdinstall(8) partition editor is annoying to use when partitions already exist
o2012/12/16bin/174471sysinstallbsdinstall(8): does not newfs and cannot mount any non-standard partitions
o2012/11/02bin/173301sysinstall[patch] bsdinstall(8): default to SU instead of SU+J
o2012/10/20bin/172905sysinstallbsdinstall(8): Old mirroselect file in bdsinstall
o2012/10/18bin/172847sysinstallbsdinstall(8): missing boot loader location selection (MBR, root slice/partition)
o2012/10/18bin/172846sysinstallbsdinstall(8) - setting hostname
o2012/08/27bin/171113sysinstallbsdinstall(8): FreeBSD 9.1-beta1 installer refuses to partition flash medium
o2012/08/17kern/170707sysinstallbsdinstall(8) Partition editor (modify) option does not allow size changes
f2012/07/29bin/170264sysinstallbsdinstall(8) into jail doesn't find FTP distribution folder when executed on a system running a patch release kernel
o2012/07/09bin/169750sysinstallbsdinstall(8): cannot run more than once with DHCP/SLAAC configured interfaces
o2012/07/09bin/169748sysinstall[patch] bsdinstall(8): when distfile fetch is complete on some distfiles, but not entire set, progress can go over 100%; installer gets confused with distfiles and halts
a2012/06/14bin/169077geombsdinstall(8) does not use partition labels in /etc/fstab
o2012/06/02bin/168582sysinstall[request] bsdinstall(8): Select 'server' or 'desktop' at install time.
o2012/05/24bin/168314sysinstallbsdinstall(8): 9.0 install "live CD" option can't create resolv.conf
o2012/05/23bin/168269sysinstallcomments on bsdinstall(8)
o2012/05/21bin/168188sysinstallbsdinstall(8) partitioner segmentation fault
o2012/04/09kern/166801sysinstallbsdinstall(8): FreeBSD install is apparently not writing boot code to target disk.
a2012/02/10bin/164950nwhitehornbsdinstall(8): pc-style partitions: no way to set 'bootable' ('active') flag
s2012/02/04bin/164752sysinstall[request] bsdinstall(8): No option of ZFS in FreeBSD 9.0 DVD installation
o2012/01/23bin/164399sysinstallbsdinstall(8): 9.0 installer failures
o2012/01/18bin/164294sysinstallbsdinstall(8): FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE bsdinstall dvd does not have media selection dialog
o2012/01/18bin/164291sysinstallbsdinstall(8): bsdinstall and filestetyem selection / creation
o2012/01/18bin/164284sysinstallbsdinstall(8): FreeBSD install assign incorrect dev as bootup disk
o2012/01/18bin/164281sysinstallbsdinstall(8): please allow sysinstall as installer option
o2012/01/18bin/164267sysinstallbsdinstall(8) bugs when RE-installing to GPT partitions
o2012/01/13bin/164097sysinstallbsdinstall(8): always installs GPT
f2012/01/13bin/164094sysinstallbsdinstall(8): installer progress over 100%
o2012/01/09bin/163943sysinstallbsdinstall(8) fails to detect CD device when booting with some media devices
o2011/12/08bin/163123sysinstallbsdinstall(8): IPV6 only errors connecting
o2011/11/10bin/162429sysinstallbsdinstall(8): 9.x installer: selecting ZFS for the root partition results in error
o2011/11/10bin/162428sysinstallbsdinstall(8): should check available disk space from distfiles
o2011/10/23bin/161929sysinstallbsdinstall(8): (change partition editor screen default)
o2011/10/23bin/161928sysinstallbsdinstall(8): (add option to enable 2 button mouse copy/paste)
o2011/10/23bin/161924sysinstallbsdinstall(8): add msg box telling user to remove install media
o2011/10/23bin/161923sysinstallbsdinstall(8) games & ports install options
o2011/10/16bin/161720sysinstallbsdinstall(8): partition editor does not put partitions on even 4K boundaries
f2011/09/28bin/161113sysinstallbsdinstall(8): 9.0-BETA3: overwrites Win*-bootcodes without warning?
o2011/09/28bin/161101sysinstallbsdinstall(8): 9.0-BETA3: partition editor: UFS-options not saved in menu?
o2011/09/28bin/161100sysinstallbsdinstall(8): 9.0-BETA3: Add User but no Add Group
o2011/09/27bin/161056sysinstallbsdinstall(8): could allow full control over newfs arguments
o2011/09/27bin/161055sysinstallbsdinstall(8): partitioner should auto-populate GPT labels
f2011/09/27bin/161054sysinstallbsdinstall(8): partitioner should list valid "type"s
o2011/09/27bin/161053sysinstallbsdinstall(8): network setup dialog is hard to navigate
o2011/09/27bin/161052sysinstallbsdinstall(8): should be consistent about saving configuration settings
o2011/09/27bin/161050sysinstallbsdinstall(8): should use new syntax for IPv4 in rc.conf
o2011/09/27bin/161049sysinstallbsdinstall(8): could try to tell if SSDs support TRIM
o2011/09/27bin/161047sysinstall[patch] bsdinstall(8): should not run on vt0
o2011/05/19conf/157189sysinstallbsdinstall(8): Default /etc/sysctl.conf should be removed.
57 problems total.


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