The FreeBSD Ports Monitoring System

Table of Contents

1. What is it?
2. How Does It Work?
3. Why Is It Needed?
4. What Does It Do That Is Unique?
5. Data Sources
6. Outputs
7. Characteristics of the Build Error Logs
8. Characteristics of Ports Problem Reports (PRs)
9. Information Extracted From CVS Logs
10. Information Extracted From CVS Tree
11. Schema: Tables
12. Schema: Attributes
13. Database Updating
14. Reports: Main Reports
15. Reports: Specialized reports
16. Email
17. Charts and Graphs
18. How Well Does It Work?
19. What's Missing?
20. Related Projects
21. How Does This Fit In With FreshPorts?
22. Features Of portsmon
23. Features Of FreshPorts
24. portsmon vs. FreshPorts
25. portsmon vs. Bill Fenner's distfile survey
26. portsmon vs. Edwin Groothius' PR auto-assigner
27. portsmon vs. Dirk Meyer's reports
28. Where To From Here?