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Example of a Customized PR Report List

Date generated: Fri May 30 08:25:21 2014 GMT

This is a an HTML report page created from a customized list. I have picked some illustrative examples here to show various applications. See the notes for how to create your own.

Ejecting mounted device causes panic
Items assigned to linimon
Items assigned to linimon that were modified in the last month
Items tagged '[ppp]'
Items in category 'misc'

Ejecting mounted device causes panic

This is the most notorious problem. In general it affects users of USB devices the most often, but can also affect CD and floppy users. The 'received wisdom' is that the VM system will need some re-architecting to fully cope with this problem.

o2006/03/19kern/94669pjd[vfs] [patch] Panic from Failed Removable Media Mount
o2007/11/17usb/118098usb[umass] 6th gen iPod causes problems when disconnecting, even after umount
f2008/02/18usb/120786usb[usb] [panic] Kernel panic when forced umount of a dettached USB Harddisk
3 problems total.

Items assigned to linimon

f2014/03/20ports/187800linimonFix build errors for older releases
f2014/03/18ports/187697linimonsysutils/hdup distfiles
f2014/03/13ports/187541linimonRe: [PATCH] chinese/fcitx: update to
f2014/02/12ports/186685linimonsamba not work in domain
f2013/12/18amd64/184966linimonbuildworld fail
f2013/09/30misc/182513linimon[build] Cross build failed with segfault of clang
f2013/09/23misc/182319linimon[build] error building world with WITHOUT_KERBEROS
f2013/07/10misc/180443linimonSVN can't connect to
f2013/02/03arm/175803linimonbuilding xdev for arm failing
f2012/11/03kern/173337linimonclang kernel cross-builds ignore CPUTYPE?= and always generate native tuned code
f2010/06/24ports/148096linimonemulators/linux_base-* can not be built from ports on amd64
f2008/09/25amd64/127640linimon[amd64] gcc(1) will not build shared libraries with -fprofile-generate on amd64
12 problems total.

Items assigned to linimon that were modified in the last month

f2014/03/13ports/187541linimonRe: [PATCH] chinese/fcitx: update to
1 problem total.

Items tagged '[ppp]'

(This is an extension to GNATS by linimon.)

o2013/11/21sparc64/184141jmg[ppp] [patch] Kernel PPPoE sends bad echo-req magic number on big endian machines
o2012/08/17kern/170701net[ppp] killl ppp or reboot with active ppp connection cause panic when HISADDR set
o2012/06/26kern/169459net[ppp] umodem/ppp/3g stopped working after update from 9.0-RELEASE to 9-STABLE
o2012/02/26kern/165488net[ppp] [panic] Fatal trap 12 jails and ppp , kernel with vimage, altq, pf
o2010/05/07bin/146377net[ppp] [tun] Interface doesn't clear addresses when PPPoE connection closes
o2009/04/10kern/133572net[ppp] [hang] incoming PPTP connection hangs the system
o2008/11/27kern/129219net[ppp] Kernel panic when using kernel mode ppp
o2008/05/22kern/123890net[ppp] [panic] crash & reboot on work with PPP low-speed connection
o2008/01/10conf/119550[ppp] ppp not starting during bootup.
o2007/11/30usb/118353usb[panic] [ppp] repeatable kernel panic during ppp(4) session in 7.0-BETA3
s2007/06/27bin/114081gnn[patch] [ppp] ppp(8) should be able to set ethernet address for PPPoE
o2006/11/29conf/106009rc[ppp] [patch] [request] Fix pppoed startup script to process multiply interfaces
f2006/11/20conf/105689rc[ppp] [request] syslogd starts too late at boot
f2006/11/04conf/105145rc[ppp] [patch] [request] add redial function to rc.d/ppp
o2006/02/08kern/93019net[ppp] ppp and tunX problems: no traffic after restarting ppp
o2006/01/24kern/92270net[ppp]: ppp does not work on renamed network interfaces
s2005/07/31kern/84386[ppp] [request] PPPoA Authentication built into FreeBSD PPP Implementation
o2004/05/29conf/67328[nis] [ppp] Usermode PPP hangs on boot when NIS configured
o2001/05/20kern/27474cy[ipfilter] [ppp] Interactive use of user PPP and ipfilter can be insecure
19 problems total.

Items in category 'misc'

o2014/05/28misc/190349unzip and unzip-iconv conflict
o2014/05/28misc/190331svnlite has a bug in https support / "--trust-server-cert" does not work
o2014/05/27misc/190324PHP 5.5.x fails to install on 10.0-RELEASE
o2014/05/21misc/190087Cant get https traffic only http
o2014/05/11misc/189649MySQL Problem
o2014/04/26misc/189027Mailinglist archive ends Feb 23 2014
o2014/04/13misc/188549Improve installation on serial console
o2014/04/11misc/188445Unable to link testmain in sys/boot/ficl after make all
o2014/04/10misc/188425Frequent segfault with multithreaded fork
o2014/03/18misc/187700FreeBSD Guest in Virtual Box NAT environment - PCnet-FAST III(Am79C973) and Intel PRO/1000 MT Server (82545EM) cards - not receiving IP address
o2014/03/17misc/187677[install] installation problem
o2014/03/15misc/187605FreeBSD mailing lists break DKIM
o2014/02/13misc/186723imp[nanobsd] still uses pkg_add
o2014/02/05misc/186482HDD im HP MSA60 werden nicht erkannt als 4k Device trotz Eintrag in /usr/sys/src/cam/scsi/scsi_da.c
o2014/02/01misc/186345FreeBSD 10 Installer creates weird ZFS volume layout for /usr
o2014/01/29misc/186252Cannot mount an encrypted swap file in fstab
p2014/01/29misc/186247<machine/_types.h> defines int64_t/uint64_t incorrectly
f2014/01/29misc/186239unbound using missing after upgrading
o2014/01/26misc/186146Google Compute Engine,
o2014/01/23misc/186030imp[nanobsd] [patch] Use gpart instead of fdisk, and create code image before full disk image
o2014/01/22misc/186006buildworld libc build error "'MALLOC_PRODUCTION' macro redefined [-Werror]" in 10.0-RELEASE in jemalloc_jemalloc.c
o2014/01/21misc/185966installation start over
o2014/01/15misc/185805Can't change brightness on Acer Aspire S3-391
o2014/01/14misc/185769[build] Installing world and kernel not from /usr/src produces "mkdir: Argument list too long"
o2014/01/10misc/185645How to proceed with installation after error is unclear
o2014/01/10misc/185644checksum for src.txz does not match
o2014/01/05misc/185480WORLDTMP first in PATH during installworld
o2014/01/03misc/185450installing /d grabs all remaining space.
o2014/01/03misc/185449Installer creates multiple freebsd-boot partitions
o2013/12/31misc/185370[install] zfs install swap space exhausted on default install
o2013/12/24misc/185156Graphical console on 10-RC locks up on heavy writing
o2013/12/11misc/184674nwhitehorninstallation crashes on low-memory system
o2013/11/27misc/184340PATH_MAX not interoperable with Linux
o2013/11/07misc/183735Xbox 360 LEDs won't stop blinking
o2013/11/04misc/183655FreeBSD 10 Beta2: bootup screen presents "Enter passphrase" for disk encryption out of order, appears to hang at USB keyboard enumeration
o2013/10/31misc/183507Borderless window's rendering order wrong with Intel KMS
o2013/10/29misc/183434Installer for 10.0 beta2 wants pkg_add for documentation
o2013/10/26misc/183328freebsd-update upgrade from 9.1 to 9.2 for zfs on root results in unbootable system
o2013/10/22misc/183217ZFS from installer breaks/freezes install process
o2013/10/03misc/182601Can't exit Network configuration
o2013/10/03misc/182600Wireless install fails if channel is 12 or 13
f2013/09/30misc/182513linimon[build] Cross build failed with segfault of clang
f2013/09/23misc/182319linimon[build] error building world with WITHOUT_KERBEROS
o2013/09/17misc/182182make installworld fails
o2013/09/16misc/182148"time -h portupgrade -aDFR -O" stops sending ^D
o2013/09/14misc/182076[build] Race condition with -j24 when WITH_ICONV= is set
o2013/09/12misc/182035hrs/etc/rc.d/tmp can't create tmpmfs on root-mfs
o2013/09/07misc/181918GEOM: gmirror label (-h) doesn't cause /dev/mirror/ population or activation
o2013/09/07misc/181917GELI: gshsec(8) doesn't autodetect or respect written metadata; has room for improvement on usage
o2013/09/04misc/181795Periodic daily/500.queuerun doesn't check 'sendmail_enable' in rc.conf
o2013/08/08misc/181151builtins/locale1.0 fails regression-test
p2013/07/30misc/180941re[patch] .git files shouldn't be included when making a release
o2013/07/25misc/180854Default permission bits for /var/account are insecure.
f2013/07/10misc/180443linimonSVN can't connect to
o2013/07/09misc/180413[build] [patch] Compilation failure with _DONT_USE_CTYPE_INLINE_ defined
o2013/07/07misc/180365[] [patch] Not attach ${_CPUCFLAGS} to CXXFLAGS
o2013/06/29misc/180100cannot quit pager in loader prompt
o2013/06/20misc/179760hselaskyThe commit log message for r251614 contains non-printable characters
o2013/06/15misc/179562[build] [patch] Add LOCAL_ITOOLS to ease site-specific modifications done to FreeBSD that might require more ITOOLS
o2013/06/04misc/179312PXE installer fails to boot without modification
o2013/06/04misc/179311[install] 9.1-bootonly install fails
o2013/05/31misc/179147MotherBoard ASUS E2KM1I-DELUXE mini-ITX
o2013/05/23misc/178862[tools] [patch] fix cross-compilation (amd64/i386) of netrate/netreceive
o2013/05/21misc/178817install from cdrom fail after cdloader
o2013/05/16misc/178683[install] segmentation fault in disklabel while installing
o2013/05/03misc/178311re[boot] USB boot image booting fault
o2013/05/01misc/178284[build] make installworld doesn't detect UID correctly and fails due to not having enough permissions
o2013/04/26misc/178188Error during buildworld
o2013/04/24misc/178115Laptop (Asus X55VD) locks up when configuring wifi (Ralink RT5390) from LiveCD mode of official install medium
o2013/04/13misc/177823repo.txz is not available for freebsd 9.1
o2013/03/28misc/177450reLiveCD should include smartmontools/smartctl
o2013/03/02misc/176606[loader] loader doesn't get value of "comconsole_speed" correctly
o2013/02/26misc/176433A python version error is in the 9.1-release-i386 iso file's port tree
o2013/02/20misc/176292/usr/src: delete-old-files tries to delete usr/lib/libisc.a, usr/lib/, /usr/lib/libisc_p.a et cetera even if WITH_BIND_LIBS= YES enabled in /etc/src.conf
o2013/02/19misc/176262Enhanced CD regression in 9.1
o2013/02/12misc/176078reLiveCD - missing directory /tmp/bsdinstall_etc
o2013/02/09misc/175978can not build 10-CURRENT
o2013/01/30misc/175690FreeBSD 8.x/9.x fails to boot on HP Blade xw460c/BL460c G1 using MBR partition table
o2013/01/29misc/175666I cant install packages from FreeBSD 9.1 x86_64 image DVD !
o2013/01/26misc/175600FreeBSD 9.x missing for x86
o2013/01/22misc/175521Documentation does not install
o2013/01/12misc/1752459.1 ISO missing CDROM.INF, INDEX.
o2013/01/06misc/175055re9.1-Release installation via DVD
o2012/12/31misc/174859Installation: /etc/hosts file
o2012/12/12misc/174407[build] make buildkernel for ARM should inform about a need for src/gnu/usr.bin/dtc [or dtc should be included in the 'world']
o2012/12/12misc/174403Error adding packages - iso - i386
o2012/12/12misc/174391Last database update: 2012-11-11 10:45:48 UTC
o2012/12/04misc/174132There is no usefull information in core.txt files
o2012/11/23misc/173859Low throughput on intercontinental connections
o2012/11/23misc/173850System crash
o2012/11/17misc/173689/dev/tty missing from /dev
o2012/11/11misc/173550panic: Double fault
o2012/10/25misc/173055Can not install latest kernel
o2012/10/24misc/173031[build] [patch] pass through install as INSTALL when building PORTS_MODULES
o2012/10/22misc/172946x86 missing in src/etc/mtree/BSD.include.dist
o2012/10/21misc/172936can not build latest 9-stable
o2012/10/19misc/172873[build] WITH_CTF=1 in /etc/src.conf makes make buildworld bomb out with "/usr/src/share/mk/", line 477: WITH_CTF and WITHOUT_CTF can't both be set.
o2012/10/18misc/172849Missing fstab in rootfs leads to problems
f2012/10/16misc/172744Where is ttyslot() (3) in FreeBSD 9.1?
o2012/10/15misc/172736 instructions assume existence of previous builds and libraries
o2012/10/06misc/172376FreeBSD 9.0 installed but won't boot
o2012/09/26misc/172086reboot hang with 'All buffers synced' after freebsd-update FreeBSD9 to p3 on ZFS root
o2012/09/23misc/171885[build] refactor to understand multiple programs instead of a singular program
o2012/09/23misc/171883[build] binutils build failed because of race with -j24
o2012/09/05misc/171347joergFilename conflict in subversion
o2012/09/03misc/| way out of sync with other us|tld servers
o2012/08/30misc/171193Freebsd 9.x freeze at booting after USB line
o2012/08/27misc/171120GCC incorrectly identified in base when CLANG_IS_CC and WITHOUT_GCC are set
o2012/08/26misc/171082Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 no HDMI Sound
o2012/08/26misc/171078X and XFCE (xfsettingsd) errors on shutdown/logout
o2012/08/21misc/170821sysinstallsysinstall(1): unexpected directory name in 8,3-RELEASE DVD image(s)
o2012/08/09misc/170514The FreeBSD pr report form should have the 'wireless' catagory
o2012/08/07misc/170466Under KDE4 4.8.4 System Settings - Desktop Effects Open GL rendering selection does not hold through reboot.
f2012/07/27misc/170215[build] cd release; make cdrom should fail if not executed using new process
o2012/07/16misc/169919I can't pxeboot install release-9.x
o2012/07/16misc/169908Shutdown goes to panic, if swap device disappeared
o2012/07/14misc/169857[build] kernel compile fails for PAE with device sound and device snd_emu10k1
o2012/07/09misc/169725I made a fresh install of FreeBSD 9.0, I run "boot0cfg -B /dev/ada0", and then FreeBSD 9.0 NOT BOOT
o2012/07/05misc/169667[suspend/resume] freebsd90 no vga-out after suspend, no boot wifi-usb
o2012/07/04misc/169645[build] [patch] Made OPIE support tunable at kernel level
o2012/05/31misc/168508[build] [patch] turn off clang extras if WITHOUT_TOOLCHAIN is set
o2012/05/30misc/168477ambigious kernel is loaded when install system from kernel.old
o2012/05/25misc/168341[patch] improve completeness
o2012/05/25misc/168327Extraneous directories left over after installworld when using WITHOUT_CLANG
f2012/05/24misc/168299'make buildworld' fails at ' ... crtend.So'
o2012/05/17misc/168017LiveCD fails to boot fully in certain Virtualbox configurations
o2012/04/30misc/167449slice re-partitioning cause invalid partition for boot2, boot.config not recognized
o2012/04/30misc/167442[install] server does not come up, if kernelinstall process is interrupted
o2012/04/19misc/167101[boot] [patch] FreeBSD 9.0 i386 boot-only image loader errors
o2012/03/19misc/166259[build] freebsd 9 release images not bootable in qemu
o2012/03/09misc/165876re[build] RFE: provide unique ISO9660 metadata for all release CD/DVD ISOs
o2012/02/21misc/165363[build] 9-stable buildworld broken with NO_DYNAMICROOT defined
o2012/02/15misc/165175[build] installworld built WITHOUT_LIB32 still installs empty lib32 dir
o2012/01/23misc/164396bugmeister[GNATs] add 'enhancement' class
o2012/01/23misc/164395bugmeister[GNATs] add support for .patch attachments
o2012/01/23misc/164394bugmeister[GNATS] Change some fields to 'unset' to prevent miscategorization
o2012/01/02misc/163768[patch] [boot] fix non-ficl compile time warnings
o2011/12/23misc/163571The system may hang after typing reboot
o2011/12/15misc/163304complete LLVM toolset in the source tree made available via knob in /etc/src.conf
o2011/12/13misc/163263grogcrash on VirtualBox when ACPI is enabled
o2011/12/04misc/163051Small disk sizes with 4k sectors have far too few inodes in RC2
o2011/11/25misc/162866[build] [patch] extract revision from hg in
o2011/11/21misc/162724make whereobj doesn't work after make buildenv
o2011/11/11misc/162455FreeBSD 9x unstable with file-based swap
o2011/11/06misc/162338POLA: does not support extra-bits-dir parameter
o2011/10/23misc/161917pjdpjdfstest doesn't detect setup/teardown failures properly
o2011/10/23misc/161915pjdpjdtests don't articulate requirements very well
o2011/09/22misc/160896imp[nanobsd] [patch] use getopts, jobs option, delay -c usage improvements to
o2011/09/06misc/160530imp[nanobsd] [patch] remove hardcoding of slice names
o2011/09/06misc/160517X pseudo-terminals are not registered in utmp and wtmp if parent tty session is closed
o2011/08/25misc/160176wireless[mips] [panic] Kernel panic on AR7161 platform with AR9220 (BGN) WIFI card while AH_DEBUG used.
o2011/08/23misc/160011[boot] Installer Disk will not boot
o2011/08/17misc/159837bugmeisterPorts PR autoassigner does not understand long lines
o2011/08/02misc/159395[boot] Incorrect implementation of strncmp in boot code
o2011/08/01misc/159344Installing FreeBSD causes computer not to boot
o2011/07/21misc/159095when /var is full can not connect to server through ssh, or su
o2011/07/04misc/158637Cannot reinstall 8.2-RELEASE after HEAD
o2011/06/11misc/157764jfbterm + mplayer = hang
o2011/06/02misc/157524[build] make buildkernel fails while updating 8.1-RELEASE-p2 to 8.1-RELEASE-p4
o2011/05/02misc/156767joergInstallation Media do not include current list of mirrors from Freebsd Handbook
o2011/04/21misc/156537Mismatch of Control Sums for ISO-image Files of Old Distributions
o2011/04/07misc/156242hrs[build] /usr/src/release/Makefile
o2011/03/21misc/155765jail[patch] `buildworld' does not honors WITHOUT_JAIL
o2011/01/19misc/154133[build] device.hints not updated on upgrade == serial console lossage
o2011/01/04misc/153673[build] tic (the terminfo compiler) not being created
o2010/12/14misc/153157[build] [patch] Add support for generating userland debug symbols during installworld
o2010/12/12misc/153049[build] PORTS_MODULES= seriously broken if port depends on an executable
o2010/11/28misc/152636[install] 8.1 Boot Only ISO doesn't support install via PPPoE link
o2010/11/27misc/152613FreeBSD 8.x can not find logical drives on extended partition in some cases
o2010/10/24misc/151695imp[nanobsd] [patch] Enhance tools/nanobsd/
o2010/09/15misc/150590Screen goes blank when PC-BSD graphic install is loaded (Suspect DVI to SVGA converter problem)
o2010/08/13misc/149633bugmeisterProblem with replying to PR
o2010/08/10misc/149510[build] [patch] CFT: sys/conf/ Cleanup and additions.
o2010/08/06misc/149360gavin[build] [patch] update for tools/build/mk/
o2010/06/04misc/147463[tools] [patch] Patch for tools/regression/lib/libc/string/Makefile
o2010/05/30misc/147239network problem with system start
o2010/04/18misc/145803[boot] Boot Manager creates wrong MBR record
o2010/04/09misc/145580[release] /usr/src/release/Makefile does not honor HTTP_PROXY when installing extra ports
o2010/03/31misc/145233[build] zfs loader build dependency missing from zfsloader dependencies
o2010/03/31misc/145231[build] boot code missing libficl build rule
o2010/03/03misc/144442[build] [patch] remove unnecessary group and passwd entries for new DESTDIRS // mergemaster
o2010/02/11misc/143785[build] [patch] add passive mode to pkg_add cdrtools in jail when making release
o2010/01/05misc/142335sysinstallDownload of Release 8.0 LIVE is NOT a "live" from CD program.
f2009/12/15misc/141652gavin[install] 8.0 install fails from USB memstick because /dev/da0s1b is missing
o2009/11/08misc/140376[build] installworld fails trying to use 'chflags schg' on NFS DESTDIR
o2009/06/09misc/135420bugmeistergnats generates broken In-Reply-To headers
o2009/05/24misc/134920[headers] [patch] Large upgrades from source cause compile errors
o2009/04/09misc/133540gavinCannot connect to ftp mirrors for 7.2 beta boot-only
o2009/01/27misc/131059[tinybsd] [patch] tinybsd MFSROOT option suggests YES/NO but only accepts yes/no
o2009/01/22misc/130856[build] [patch] make installworld work when WITHOUT_GAMES is set
o2008/06/09misc/124431bde[build] [patch] minor revision of BDECFLAGS
o2008/05/09misc/123554[build] buildworld with TARGET_ARCH=i386 fails on amd64 in jail
o2008/05/06misc/123452brdtrustedbsd-audit email list not archiving
f2008/03/31misc/122300kensmith[build] [patch] SEPARATE_LIVEFS arch dependent set but unclear
a2008/02/13misc/120608gmirror(8) command set on livecd is minimal [regression]
f2007/12/19misc/118855pjd[zfs] ZFS-related commands are nonfunctional in fixit shell.
o2007/10/05misc/116946holographic shell breaks live CD shell
o2007/05/25misc/112997[] [patch] Add note about the 'native' mtune option
o2006/07/15misc/100322[tools] [patch] doesn't dump object name
o2006/07/12misc/100133[boot] keyhit function in boot2.c that falls into an infinite loop.
o2006/06/30misc/99643request to remove src/tools/tools/portsinfo because it's obsolete and not needed
o2006/02/21misc/93661[patch] loader(8): prevent *.4th files and friends from being installed if NO_FORTH is defined
o2003/08/08misc/55387[build] [patch] users LD_LIBRARY_PATH can interfere with mail buildworld
o2003/05/14misc/52256embedded[picobsd] picobsd build script does not read in user/site config before showing menu
o2003/03/18misc/50106[build] [patch] make 'make release' more flexible behind FWs and local patches
o2002/06/06misc/38937delay between tracks in digital audio dumps from CD with dd
f2002/03/04misc/35542bde[build] [patch] BDECFLAGS needs -U__STRICT_ANSI__
o2000/11/17misc/22914[bootinst] bootinst messages are not updated
209 problems total.


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