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Annotated PRs for 8.0 Release Engineering

Date generated: Fri May 30 08:25:14 2014 GMT

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Showstopper PRs
Regressions reported against 7.2
Regressions reported against 7.1

Showstopper PRs

(none yet)

Regressions reported against 7.2

o2012/05/23kern/168247FreeBSD 7.2 kernel panic after update MPD from 5.5 to 5.6 version [regression]
o2010/02/11kern/143805[ata] WARNING - READ_DMA48 UDMA ICRC error with 63XXESB2 SATA300 [regression]
o2010/02/04kern/143564[mly] camcontrol(8) fails to show transfer speed in mly but it used to do so [regression]
o2010/01/08kern/142466fsUpdate 7.2 -> 8.0 on Raid 1 ends with screwed raid [regression]
o2009/09/24i386/139115i386[cpufreq] low cpu frequency reported [regression]
f2009/09/18kern/138944emulation[parallels] [regression] Parallels no longer works in FreeBSD 8 Beta
o2009/08/18amd64/137942amd64[pci] 8.0-BETA2 having problems with Asus M2N-SLI-deluxe motherboard [regression]
s2009/05/05kern/134231vwe[sysctl] sysctl() 80% slower in 7.2 than 6.2 [regression]
8 problems total.

Regressions reported against 7.1

s2009/05/05kern/134231vwe[sysctl] sysctl() 80% slower in 7.2 than 6.2 [regression]
o2009/05/02kern/134157net[dummynet] dummynet loads cpu for 100% and make a system frozen and unstable [regression]
o2009/04/26bin/134022host(1), dig(1) and nslookup(1) hang in _umtx_op syscall after 7.1-RELEASE-p5 update [regression]
o2009/02/04bin/131365netroute(8): route add changes interpretation of network specification [regression]
o2008/10/03kern/127826net[iwi] iwi0 driver has reduced performance and connection strength [regression]
5 problems total.

PRs possibly already committed to 8

These are PRs which have had a commit message appended to them by the dfilter script, but which have not yet been closed. This excludes the 'patched' PRs, since they are listed above; it also excludes the 'suspended' PRs. The PRs in this table may need to be set to 'patched'.

o2014/05/06ports/189385glewis[PATCH] java/openjdk7: fix portlint(1) Compliant
o2014/01/13ports/185733brookslang/clang32: ccc-analyser not installed
f2013/08/19ports/181412migraphics/gdtclft should use updated default Tcl version
o2013/03/14ports/176951tmseckwww/squid32 failed to start because of hard-coded acl with ::1
a2012/12/16bin/174489markjcp(1): 'cp -a -n' fails when 'over-writing' a broken symlink
o2012/09/29kern/172166Deadlock in the networking code, possible due to a bug in the SCHED_ULE
o2012/06/18kern/169206melifaro[ipfw] ipfw does not flush entries in table
o2012/06/11docs/168962traszcp(1) & mv(1) pages don't mention ACLs or extended attributes
o2012/04/09kern/166780[sysctl] [request] add sysctl for swap space used
o2012/03/03bin/165654hiren[patch] make pmcannotate(8) work on amd64
o2012/02/09ports/164941java[UPDATE] [NEW PORTS] java/classpath-initial, including rework of java/classpath
a2012/01/09ports/163963portmgrMk/, math/spooles-mpich, science/mpqc-mpich -- trailing slashes and MASTER_PORT
o2011/12/06kern/163091usb[panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o2011/11/01bin/162211Calendar no longer handles first/last day events in 8.2, 8-stable & current, OK in 8.1 & 7.4 & 6.4 [regression]
o2011/10/31kern/162201zec[ip] [patch] multicast forwarding cache hash always allocated with size 0, resulting in buffer overrun
o2011/10/22kern/161908melifaro[netgraph] [patch] ng_vlan update for QinQ support
o2011/10/19kern/161805qingli[regression] [panic] [arp] Repeatable panic in ARP code
o2011/09/22kern/160922kientzle[libarchive] libarchive stops buildworld using WITHOUT_OPENSSL
o2011/06/04ports/157600java/eclipse: option WITH_TESTS missing distinfo entry
o2011/03/16ports/155593creesaudio/musicpd .16.1 ignores embedded cue sheets in FLAC files with or without libcue installed
f2011/03/07ports/155335mimultimedia/vic is out of date
o2010/10/15ports/151472umemail/cyrus-imapd23 failed to compile
o2010/05/24bin/146916TERM not set correctly in single-user mode
o2010/05/08kern/146410pjd[zfs] [patch] bad file copy performance from UFS to ZFS
f2010/05/05conf/146334desOpenSSH 5.4 AuthorizedKeysFile bad syntax in sshd_config
f2010/04/03kern/145339pjd[zfs] deadlock after detaching block device from raidz pool
f2010/03/20kern/144917net[flowtable] [panic] flowtable crashes system [regression]
o2010/02/26kern/144311gnn[pf] [icmp] massive ICMP storm on lo0 occurs when using pf(4) 'reply-to'
o2010/02/15bin/143962fstat(1) doesn't work on UNIX sockets
o2009/12/06usb/141212usb[ukbd] [usb8] ukbd_set_leds_callback:700: error=USB_ERR_STALLED
o2009/11/12kern/140514des[pam] PAM can give PAM_SUCCESS when infact it should give PAM_CRED_INSUFFICIENT
o2009/07/11bin/136661melifaro[patch] ndp(8) ignores -f option
o2009/01/13bin/130504[libc] Serious bug in regular expression library (regex) affected sed
a2008/07/14kern/125613trasz[ufs] [patch] ACL problems with special files
f2008/03/13kern/121660adrian[hwpmc] [patch] hwpmc(4) incorrectly handles PMC sampling events from AMD
o2007/11/19kern/118126fs[nfs] [patch] Poor NFS server write performance
36 problems total.


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