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Annotated PRs for 7.3 Release Engineering

Date generated: Fri May 30 08:25:12 2014 GMT

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Showstopper PRs
Regressions reported against 7.2
Regressions reported against 7.1
Regressions reported against 7.0
PRs possibly needing MFCs to 7
PRs possibly already committed to 7

Showstopper PRs

(none yet)

Regressions reported against 7.2

o2012/05/23kern/168247FreeBSD 7.2 kernel panic after update MPD from 5.5 to 5.6 version [regression]
o2010/02/11kern/143805[ata] WARNING - READ_DMA48 UDMA ICRC error with 63XXESB2 SATA300 [regression]
o2010/02/04kern/143564[mly] camcontrol(8) fails to show transfer speed in mly but it used to do so [regression]
o2010/01/08kern/142466fsUpdate 7.2 -> 8.0 on Raid 1 ends with screwed raid [regression]
o2009/09/24i386/139115i386[cpufreq] low cpu frequency reported [regression]
f2009/09/18kern/138944emulation[parallels] [regression] Parallels no longer works in FreeBSD 8 Beta
o2009/08/18amd64/137942amd64[pci] 8.0-BETA2 having problems with Asus M2N-SLI-deluxe motherboard [regression]
s2009/05/05kern/134231vwe[sysctl] sysctl() 80% slower in 7.2 than 6.2 [regression]
8 problems total.

Regressions reported against 7.1

s2009/05/05kern/134231vwe[sysctl] sysctl() 80% slower in 7.2 than 6.2 [regression]
o2009/05/02kern/134157net[dummynet] dummynet loads cpu for 100% and make a system frozen and unstable [regression]
o2009/04/26bin/134022host(1), dig(1) and nslookup(1) hang in _umtx_op syscall after 7.1-RELEASE-p5 update [regression]
o2009/02/04bin/131365netroute(8): route add changes interpretation of network specification [regression]
o2008/10/03kern/127826net[iwi] iwi0 driver has reduced performance and connection strength [regression]
5 problems total.

Regressions reported against 7.0

s2009/05/05kern/134231vwe[sysctl] sysctl() 80% slower in 7.2 than 6.2 [regression]
o2008/06/05kern/124319multimedia[sound] [snd_emu10k1] [regression] Cannot record from second card when two cards are in system
o2008/05/09kern/123559net[iwi] iwi periodically disassociates/associates [regression]
o2008/03/24kern/122046[psm] Synaptics touchpad freezes (psm0: lost interrupt?) [regression]
o2008/03/24kern/122033net[ral] [lor] Lock order reversal in ral0 at bootup ieee80211com/ral0 [regression]
o2008/03/16kern/121768[cpufreq] cpufreq module RELENG_6 -> 7 regressions on ASUS M5A notebook [regression]
o2008/03/15usb/121734usb[ugen] ugen HP1022 printer device not working since upgrade to 7.0 [regression]
o2008/03/14usb/121708usb[keyboard] nforce 650i mobo w/ usb keyboard infinite key repeat hang [regression]
s2008/03/08kern/121485vwe[vm] panic with 7.0-RELEASE [regression]
o2008/03/05kern/121396[ata] 7.0 fails on mcp55 sata controller [regression]
a2008/02/13misc/120608gmirror(8) command set on livecd is minimal [regression]
o2008/02/05kern/120296[ata] Unstable SATA on MB with Nvidia MCP 570 SLI chipset [regression]
o2008/01/17kern/119759multimedia[sound] [snd_emu10k1] [regression] Can not record anything with emu10k1 on 7.0-PRERELEASE (Invalid argument)
o2008/01/11i386/119574bde[i386] 7.0-RC1 times out in calibrate_clocks() [regression]
o2008/01/10kern/119513wireless[ath] [irq] inserting dlink dwl-g630 wireless card results in interrupt storm [regression]
o2008/01/07kern/119432net[arp] route add -host <host> -iface <nic> causes arp entry with nic's arp address [regression]
o2008/01/06usb/119389usb[umass] Sony DSC-W1 CBI reset failed, STALLED [regression]
o2008/01/01kern/119225net[wi] 7.0-RC1 no carrier with Prism 2.5 wifi card [regression]
o2007/11/18kern/118107fs[ntfs] [panic] Kernel panic when accessing a file at NTFS file system [regression]
o2007/08/08kern/115300multimedia[sound] [snd_hda] [regression] snd_hda(4) fails to attach on -CURRENT
o2007/05/04bin/112408mp[regression] tcsh(1): tcsh causes gdb to hang (regression in tcsh)
o2006/11/27bin/105925netproblems with ifconfig(8) and vlan(4) [regression]
o2006/03/29kern/95084ipfw[ipfw] [regression] [patch] IPFW2 ignores "recv/xmit/via any" (IPFW1->2 regression)
23 problems total.

PRs possibly needing MFCs to 7

These are PRs in the 'patched' state.

p2011/04/21kern/156545fs[ufs] mv could break UFS on SMP systems
p2010/02/18kern/144061rwatson[socket] race on unix socket close
p2009/10/15bin/139651fs[nfs] mount(8): read-only remount of NFS volume does not work
p2009/09/10conf/138692netchild[request] [patch] 450.status-security should exit with rc=0
p2009/09/01kern/138439vanhu[IPSec] Tunnel with IPv4 and IPv6
p2009/08/14kern/137776net[rum] panic in rum(4) driver on 8.0-BETA2
p2009/08/10conf/137629crees[rc.d] background_dhclient rc.conf option causing double nfs mounts
p2009/07/08kern/136470fs[nfs] Cannot mount / in read-only, over NFS
p2009/03/29kern/133174fs[msdosfs] [patch] msdosfs must support multibyte international characters in file names
p2008/11/10usb/128760cperciva[ums] [patch] patch for Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 (model 1043)
p2008/09/17kern/127446emax[kbdmux] [patch] fix race in sys/dev/kbdmux/kbdmux.c
p2008/07/16kern/125673firewire[firewire] [panic] FreeBSD7 panics when kldunloading firewire
p2008/02/26kern/121122melifaro[ipfw] [patch] add support to ToS IP PRECEDENCE fields
p2007/11/12kern/118005andre[tcp] Can No Longer SSH into 7.0 host
14 problems total.

PRs possibly already committed to 7

These are PRs which have had a commit message appended to them by the dfilter script, but which have not yet been closed. This excludes the 'patched' PRs, since they are listed above; it also excludes the 'suspended' PRs. The PRs in this table may either need being set to 'patched' or to be MFCed.

f2010/11/21bin/152458hrsrtadvd(8) needs to allow RA without a prefix info option
o2009/11/06kern/140349hiren[libpcap] [patch] libpcap's parser doesn't recognize newer TCP flags
o2009/06/17threads/135673threadsdatabases/mysql50-server - MySQL query lock-ups on 7.2-RELEASE amd64
o2009/06/11kern/135476melifaro[ipfw] IPFW table breaks after adding a large number of values
o2009/05/14kern/134531net[route] [panic] kernel crash related to routes/zebra
o2009/02/04bin/131365netroute(8): route add changes interpretation of network specification [regression]
o2009/01/16kern/130628net[nfs] NFS / rpc.lockd deadlock on 7.1-R
o2008/05/17kern/123755dfr[nfs] fstat() fails to return ESTALE with rename()d files
o2008/03/30kern/122252net[ipmi] [bge] IPMI problem with BCM5704 (does not work after driver loaded)
o2008/03/16ports/121745vdmisc/ossp-uuid - PostgreSQL contrib ossp-uuid crashes backend
o2008/03/05kern/121373gnn[ipsec] New IPSEC & IPV6 & AH+ESP Broken
o2006/07/25bin/100805WITHOUT_INET6 is ignored by many src/ components
12 problems total.


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