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Committed PRs from 20110606 Doc Sprint

Date generated: Mon Jun 6 22:53:55 2011 GMT

summary of PRs that have been committed during the devsummit and BSDCan

p2011/05/31docs/157467gavin[patch] grammar and style nits in gpart.8
p2011/05/29docs/157389gavin[patch] mount.8: add example of option values for other mount programs
p2011/05/16docs/157078gjb[patch] su.1: clarify use of -c as shell argument
c2011/04/23docs/156593doc[patch] tcpdrop.8: remove incomplete sentence
p2011/02/03docs/154494gavinrcorder(8) not quite accurate
c2009/11/28docs/140962dangerldd(1) man page example bug
c2009/11/27docs/140940dangersctp manual pages contain links to pages in section 2 instead of 3
c2009/11/10docs/140456roam[patch] Grammar fix for isprint(3)
c2009/06/25docs/136029docMALLOC_PRODUCTION knob should be mentioned somewhere, e.g. in make.conf(5)
9 problems total.

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