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Suggested PRs for May 2010 Devsummit

Date generated: Wed May 12 05:53:56 2010 GMT

This page is generated from a template that embed GNATS commands, including passing parameters. Consider this as a prototype for a more useful tool. You can see some examples at the PRs recommended for committer evaluation by the bugbusting team (these have been vetted by our triage team); PRs considered 'easy' by the bugbusting team; and PRs with patches. You can also see the entire list of these protypes.

src PRs are separated into subcategories; for instance, for the complete set of network-related PRs, see the labels 'network - stack' and 'network-device' on the new grouped PRs graph.

Here are some interesting suggestions:

At the bottom you can find the summary of PRs that have been committed during the devsummit and BSDCan.

recent unassigned kernel issues that have patches

o2010/04/28kern/146109[zfs] [patch] fix missing locking variables (onnv 8214)
o2010/04/22kern/145960[mfi] [patch] make MFI_STAT_INVALID_STATUS error more apparent in mfi_aen_complete
o2010/04/22kern/145946[patch] feature request: VDSO and shared pages
o2010/04/22kern/145940[crypto] [patch] OpenSSH_5.4p1 - do not prepend AuthorizedKeysFile with getcwd(), unbreaks relative paths
o2010/04/09kern/145590[kernel] [[patch] SIG_ATOMIC_{MIN,MAX} does not match sig_atomic_t on 64-bit archs
o2010/04/08kern/145510[PATCH] [twa] Removing USB keyboard after filesystems synced causes panic with destroyed mutex
o2010/04/06kern/145434[kernel] [patch] Kernel messages about processes don't include Jail Identifier
o2010/03/31kern/145232[boot] [patch] Fix compiler warning with libficl by exporting dictCheckThreshold in ficl.h
o2010/03/17kern/144824[boot] [patch] boot problem on USB (root partition mounting)
o2010/03/12kern/144695[vfs] [patch] race condition in mounting a root-fs on an external usb-disk
o2010/02/26kern/144307[libc] [patch] ENOENT set unnecessarily under certain circumstances when malloc is called / fails
o2010/02/16kern/144019[gtdoa] [patch] gcc complains about implicit declaration of isalnum() in contrib/gdtoa/hexnan.c
o2010/02/09kern/143703[route] [patch] ECMP Phase 1 fixes for FreeBSD 7.2
o2010/01/30kern/143370[new driver] [patch] New splash_txt module - support for ASCII splash(4) boot screens
o2010/01/21kern/143073[patch][panic] unp_gc panic (race with uipc_detach)
o2010/01/20kern/143033[headers] [patch] _SWAP not listed in comment in sys/queue.h
o2010/01/20kern/142999[puc] [patch] add support for the I-O DATA RSA-PCI2/R
17 problems total.

recent network-related kernel issues that have patches

o2010/05/02kern/146250net[netinet] [patch] Races on interface alias removal
o2010/04/07kern/145462net[netgraph] [patch] panic kernel when ng_ipfw send ip package on not existing netgraph node
o2010/03/19kern/144874net[if_bridge] [patch] if_bridge frees mbuf after pfil hooks returns non-zero
o2010/03/08kern/144561net[ixgbe] [patch] ixgbe driver errors
o2010/03/06kern/144505net[bwn] [patch] Error in macro CALC_COEFF2.
o2010/02/13kern/143868net[ath] [patch] allow Atheros watchdog timeout to be tunable
o2010/02/07kern/143622net[pfil] [patch] unlock pfil lock while calling firewall hooks
7 problems total.

recent GEOM-related kernel issues that have patches

o2010/03/14kern/144732geom[geom] [patch] geom_cache erroneously decodes its on-disk label
1 problem total.

CAM-related kernel issues

o2009/12/24kern/141934scsi[cam] [patch] add support for SEAGATE DAT Scopion 130
o2009/09/08kern/138622[cam] CAMIOCOMMAND ioctl failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device
o2008/02/19kern/120858scottl[patch] [cam] panic: ufs_dirbad with CLARiiON CX3-40
o2008/01/14kern/119668scsi[cam] [patch] certain errors are too verbose comparing to their importance
4 problems total.

libc-related kernel issues

o2010/02/26kern/144307[libc] [patch] ENOENT set unnecessarily under certain circumstances when malloc is called / fails
o2010/01/20kern/143037[libc] strtod(3) doesn't always round to the nearest
o2010/01/20kern/143029[libc] poll(2) can return too large a number
o2010/01/18kern/142951[libc] using pipes&queues gives OUCH! pipe should be idle, system crash after a while
o2010/01/13kern/142772net[libc] lla_lookup: new lle malloc failed
o2010/01/06kern/142389[libc] libc LDAP problem after 7.2-RELEASE-p1 [regression]
o2009/12/30kern/142173[libc] localeconv(3): two-byte ascii thousands_sep
o2009/12/16kern/141682[libc] [patch] Faster version of strncpy(3)
o2009/11/19kern/140690[libc] [patch] swab(3) with negative len should do nothing
o2009/10/18kern/139734[libc] res_send calls getsockname(2) instead of getpeername(2)
o2009/09/23kern/139080[libc] [patch] closelog() can close negative file descriptor
o2009/09/21kern/139019[libc] [patch] Add xdr_sizeof() to libc.
o2009/08/16kern/137819[libc] [patch] fpurge(3) violates stdio invariant
o2009/07/31kern/137307[libc] [patch] Enhance strptime(3) to support %U and %W
o2009/07/11kern/136669[libc] [patch] setmode(3) should always set errno on error
o2009/05/09kern/134391[libc] dladdr(3) does effectively not work on main program.
o2009/04/16kern/133776[libc] [patch] snprintf(3) and vsnprintf(3) do not properly initialize _fl_mutex
o2009/03/31kern/133246[libc] dlclose(3) gives segfault when called in the fini function of another module
o2009/02/12kern/131623[libc] gethostbyname(2): output of gethostbyname_r does not distinguish between a failure to resolve and buffer length
o2009/01/19kern/130749[libc] [patch] nscache.c/nscachedcli.c - return error if string of /etc/group is long
o2008/11/17kern/128933[libc] realpath(3) does not follow SUS specification for a NULL/empty path
o2008/08/05kern/126289[libc] select(2) apparently consumes cpu when it should not
o2008/07/07kern/125382[libc] open(2): ENOSPC may be misleading, consider EIO
o2008/05/31kern/124160net[libc] connect(2) function loops indefinitely
o2008/04/25kern/123095[libc] sendfile(2): Suspected sendfile data corruption
o2008/03/13kern/121656[libc] [patch] telldir(3) issues
o2008/01/29kern/120128attilio[libc] [patch] __getcwd erroneously returning ENOENT
27 problems total.

summary of PRs that have been committed during the devsummit and BSDCan

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