Akinori MUSHA

I'm Akinori MUSHA from Tokyo, Japan. I have been working on maintaining and developing FreeBSD Ports Collection with many other voluntary developers. I'd really love to see various pieces of software ported to FreeBSD to make it easier for the users to try them out, and I believe that will encourage software developers out there to write portable software that runs on various systems.

My language of choice is Ruby. I've been silently advocating the attracting language. You may well think that implementing portupgrade in Ruby was part of the conspiracy. Well, maybe it's true. :-)

I like listening to progressive rock tunes, and my most favorite band is Rush, which lyrics I often cite in my signature. They are just great. Other bands I love are KENSO, Roxette, Soft Machine, King Crimson, Happy The Man, Shadow Gallery, Dream Theater, Cradle Of Filth, Dark Tranquillity, Megadeth, etc. etc.. (in no particular order)

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