Welcome to josef@freefall

If you are looking for personal information, visit daemon.li. On this page I try to track my work for FreeBSD.

Security Team:
As a member of the FreeBSD Security Team, i take care of fixing and documenting vulnerable ports.

As a ports-committer i focus on updating ports with security issues, but i also maintain a small collection of ports.
  • graphics/gnomeiconedit
  • sysutils/wmbsdbatt
  • www/swiggle
  • x11/wmdrawer

Problem reports sent in by users, are tracked with the help of GNATS. If you would like to send in a problem report to FreeBSD Developers, this article is a good guildeline.

PRs assigned to me:[see here]
PRs sent in by me:[see here]
Top PR bugbuster(non-ports):[see here]
If you like my work and want to support me, you can donate me hardware or books. I have sometimes items I need listed at Donations wantlist, look for "josef" in the "developer id" column.
Sometimes i put small patches and stuff online for reviewal by other developers, these are typically found in the stuff folder.
Pictures about me:
Josef, the hacker | Josef, the partyboy