cd-write   is a X11 based program which can be used to make audio (CD-DA) and CDROM disks. It also provides a graphical interface to mkisofs and can be used to extract data and audio tracks from your CDROMS.

 sm is program to manage the 3COM Sportser Message Plus modem,. You can extract recorded faxes and messages. There is a command line interface and a graphical (tcl/tk) interface.

 xcd is a simple GUI to control a CD player.

 fixit is a program to build your own customized fixit floppy.

 qix is an old arcade game. You can see a screenshot here and another here

 If you use Dynamic DNS with DtDNS then Udns is for you. This is a program to update your IP address.

 Looking for the latest version of the XFree86 mega port? It's current revision is 16.