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Code Availability

This code is available in FreeBSD 6.X and later. Please see for further updates.

List of Known Bugs
# PMC Arch State Resolve Date
1 AMD64 Fixed 2005/08/07 Running sampling under load causes an AMD64 box to silently reset and reboot. [NMI handling needs to be special-cased on the AMD64.]
2 (all) Fixed 2005/07/09 The last few samples when using pmcstat(8) -O file are occasionally dropped. [Turned out to be a bug in pmclog(3)].
3 Intel P4 Open ... On a P4 kldunload does not completely reset processor state.
4 (all) Open ... pmcstat(8) -g ignores a.out executables.
5 (all) Fixed 2005/09/14 pmcstat(8) -g ignores PC values inside rtld(8) address space.
6 (all) Open ... Process-mode sampling with PMC_F_DESCENDANTS doesn't work.
7 (x86 compatible) Open ... The TSC should be virtualizable, but isn't.
8 AMD K7, Intel PPro/P-II/P-III/Celeron/Pentium-M Open ... Sampling modes do not generate output. [The local APIC not being recognized on single-processor motherboards and hence we are unable to configure the PMCs to interrupt.]
9 (all) Fixed 2005/9/13 pmcstat(8)'s gprof output mode needs to be checked for accuracy.
10 AMD64 Fixed 2005/9/12 (Reported by Olivier Crameri) AMD64 doesn't sample for cache-misses and tlb-miss events.
11 AMD64 Open ... (Reported by Paul Saab) pmcstat(8) does not handle 32 bit executables on the AMD64 when generating a gprof profile.
12 AMD64 Open ... (Reported by Niklas Sorensson) pmcstat(8) -P appears to be missing samples on an AMD64 box.
13 P-III Open ... (Reported by David Fresse, FreeBSD 6.0-RC1) pmcstat(8) fails to exit cleanly on a dual processor P-III system, requiring a forcible kldunload of the hwpmc module or a reboot.

Perforce Repository Views

Development of new features is happening in the FreeBSD perforce repository. The project repository is viewable at: //depot/user/jkoshy/projects/pmc/... .

Python Wrapper

A python wrapper to pmc(3) has being developed.

PMC Testsuite

A testsuite is being developed and is viewable at: //depot/user/jkoshy/projects/pmctools/pmc-testsuite/... .

"Screen shots"

In case you would like to see what the code can do :).

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