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Related Work

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A list of related projects in academia, industry and the open-source world.

FreeBSD tools

FreeBSD has a number of utilities that could be used for performance measurement.


There seem to be a number of open-source efforts that we could refer to for our work.

AMD Athlon

The Athlon processor from AMD has support for counting hardware events like cache misses and TLB misses. XXX: Fill in URL.


Nearly every major system's manufacturer offers good system profiling support:


Related Projects

Related tools---mostly getting the development tools in -ports to use the new features introduced by this code.

Item State Description
DynInst - The DynInst library allows you to attach code snippets to a running executable. We could use this to instrument processes with performance measurement code.
PAPI - The PAPI library provides a cross-platform abstraction to hardware performance counters. Make a port of this library to FreeBSD.
GCC -finstrument-functions - On the i386 and similar platforms, use GCC's -finstrument-functions hook to use hwpmc(4) and RDPMC instructions to generate PMC based profiles.
Profiling (-p) with PMC interrupts - Since hwpmc(4) allows one to generate SIGPROF interrupts whenever process-virtual counters overflow, use these to provide process-specific statistical profiling driven by PMC counts.
Kprof or other profile visualizer tools - Hook up hwpmc(4) to a snazzy visualization tool for profile data.

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