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Recent work

A BSD-licensed implementation of the ELF(3) API

I needed an ELF library for making pmcstat(8) cross-platform. Project deliverables include code, a test-suite for libelf(3) and a tutorial on the basics of ELF, as used in FreeBSD.

Performance Measurement on FreeBSD (PmcTools)

These pages are being moved to the FreeBSD Wiki at:

Creating measurement, monitoring and other performance related tools for FreeBSD that build over the availability of in-CPU hardware counters in modern CPUs (initially inspired by the Digital Continuous Profiling Infrastructure project). This toolset is part of FreeBSD 6.X and later, and consists of the hwpmc(4) driver, the pmc(3) access library and pmcstat(8) and pmccontrol(8) tools.

Building Products with FreeBSD
A technical marketing article on why FreeBSD makes a solid base for product development.

Projects in various states of disrepair

Localizing BSD for the Indian Subcontinent
(stalled) Adapting FreeBSD and other BSD derived OSes to support the languages of the Indian subcontinent. I started the Indic-Computing Project as a support project laying the foundation for this work.
CIEE Database
[stalled] A web site for distributing information on various government funded schools in the Indian state of Karnataka.
[stalled] I used to maintain a port of the Python programming language to HP's MPE/iX operating system. I no longer have access to an MPE system, so if a Python and MPE enthusiast would to help, please email me.

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