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Project Log

In these pages I'll be documenting the progress of the project.

January 2002


Updated version 0.2 of the XML DTD description.

March 2001


Added a current status page.


The revised (v1.5) version of the school data entry form has hit the streets and MAYA is now getting back a few filled up forms every week. Time for the data entry front-end to become operational. I'm working on the data entry front-end, learning more about Python and Tkinter programming. The front-end will have a large number of data entry screens, so I'm looking around for an elegant way of constructing these.

Designed up more of the document DTD.

Website tweaks: added a couple of projects to the related links page.

February 2001


Recieved the revised school survey form (rev 1.5 now).


MAYA folks are still revising their school survey form. I got hold of a draft of rev 1.4b of the form, with some more changes still due. Work on the details of the data entry tool will wait for the school info form to be stabilized.

Read up a book on GUI programming using Python and Tkinter.


Installation of a machine with FreeBSD, Aolserver, etc at MAYA now complete.

January 2001


Put up the revised (v1.3) version of the school info form onto the website. Added some material to the "related work" page.


Sachin Goyal reports having setup OpenACS on his Linux box.


Worked with Shridhar Prakash of CIEE to clarify some of the questions on the original survey form. Attempted to move the FBSD development disk to its own machine (an old P-90), but was unsuccessful due to hardware problems.

Worked on the survey form DTD. Kavita, who is doing the data entry tool, made progress on its design.


Happy New Millenium everybody! I have filled out the design page with a first cut at the architecture. Bought and started reading a book on XML.

December 2000


Missed last Saturday's meeting with MAYA folks. Solomon, Jaspreet and Kavita updated me on their meeting with the other volunteers, Shubho and Sujith. Solomon (being the manager :)) wants advance notice of infrastructure needs.

Discussed the strategy to manage Data Entry into the database; updates to the web pages; worked on the design of the DB itself.


Managed to find a decent book on SQL at a book sale. Also, found a soft copy of an O'Reilly book on PostgreSQL.


Shubhranshu Bannerjee (Shubho) of Oracle India offers to help out with the DB design. I really have avoided learning SQL all these years. This is an area that needs to be addressed.

Came up with a list of documentation that needs to be created, if the project is to be sustainable.

November 2000


Discussion with Jaspreet on the problem of data entry. Data entry should occur preferrably at every district. The MAYA main office should not be loaded with processing data from each of the 55,000 schools in Karnataka.

This requirement raises many issues, including the ability to track changes to a schools data over time.


Installed FreeBSD on a PC at MAYA. This is to be a firewall / mailhost machine.


First meeting with CIEE folks (Kavita, Solomon, Jaspreet) where I came to be aware of the existence of the data being collected by the CIEE project.

Took a look at the (paper) form being used for data collection: massive!

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