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Current Status

Current Status: Stalled

This project is stalled for two reasons. First, we ran out of time to implement it as we weren't able to freeze requirements. Second, keeping the project sustainable after prototyping and deployment would require more commitment in terms of resources from MAYA that it was in a position to give.

I'm still interested in finishing this work and possibly making it into a toolkit that other organizations could use. Suggestions are welcome.

The last published status is given below.

Status as of 15-Jun-2002
No. Module Responsible Status Comments
1 Data Entry Tool Joseph Koshy In progress
2 School info DTD Joseph Koshy Completed Closely related to (1).
3 Static HTML generation Scripts to convert school information to static web pages. Depends on (2).
4 Website design Design the website, including the personalization and community support features supported by the OpenACS toolkit
5 Website deployment Infrastructure issues in deploying the website.
6 Database Support Decide what data should be searchable from the web, and how to offer search facilities.

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