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IPv6 in FreeBSD

I was asked by the organizers of the Global IPv6 Summit in India to talk on IPv6 support in FreeBSD. The conference was held between Jan 3rd and Jan 5th, 2001 at Bangalore, India.

I have made the slides that I presented at this summit available here as PDF and as LaTeX source.

Using LaTeX to make presentations

These slides have been prepared using various slide making macro packages available off the 'Net. In particular ifmslide, seminar and TeXPower were used, though I ended up not using the dynamic presentation features that TeXPower provides.

Advocacy Notes

I found that the following points about FreeBSD were well received by the audience at this talk:

Release Engineering Practices
The dual development lines (-STABLE, -CURRENT) model implemented by the project and how this helped keep the balance between new development and the end-user need for stability.
Development Model
The fact that over three quarters of changes to the source tree come from FreeBSD's users and how committers act as reviewers and guardians of code quality.
Ports Framework
How the Ports framework worked in combining IPv6 patches from the KAME project with FreeBSD specific patches allowing many applications to be IPv6 capable with the minimum fuss.
IPv6 ready now: Demonstration!
I was able to demonstrate a working IPv6 setup where most of the other speakers were still talking about roadmaps. Specifically, I retrieved a web page over IPv6 (using apache+ipv6 / w3m+ipv6 ), and captured the resulting IPv6 traffic. I used an IP protocol analyzer ( ethereal ) to step into the protocol and demonstrate FreeBSD's IPv6 implementation. This demonstration of IPv6 in action was very well received by the audience.

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