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Some tutorials and advocacy articles that I have written.

Python tutorial
A tutorial on the Python programming language.
IPv6 in FreeBSD
A presentation I made at the Global IPv6 Summit in India, held at Bangalore, India, Jan 3rd--5th, 2001.
Humor, by a programmer and for programmers.

Upcoming stuff

Stuff that it is in the pipeline:

On the unreasonable effectiveness of open-source
On why people working for free manage to produce better systems than mega-corporations who throw buckets of money at the problem.
Why do so few open-source projects use UML for their designs?
Does the Indian software industry have a future?
Well it does obviously has a future :); the question is really whether this future is a healthy one. The Indian software industry has several internal ``structural weaknesses''. I've already written about one of these in an indirect way. There are other such weaknesses, some serious, which rarely get talked about.

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