Modeling Management

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Modeling Management

Do not panic! Help is at hand.

If you are like me, you may have, at times, found the world of corporate management inexplicable. I have been looking at simple models that explain the essentials of life inside very large corporations.

These articles aim to impart a sound theoretical understanding of the principles of life in very large corporate bodies, so that you, dear reader, will be better prepared to face the daily drudge at office :).

Read and enjoy!

Random Drop Project Management
A model that explains why project lifetimes tend to be the way they are.
Syntax Directed Quality Processes
Understand your friendly neighbourhood auditor. Learn how software quality processes really work.
The Secrets of Pure Managers
Learn the secrets of the Pure Managers. Map out your career plan from software project management to something that actually has an (indefinitely) long term future :).

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