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I first heard of FreeBSD in 1994 and was drawn to its high quality, clean code. I joined the ranks of FreeBSD's committers in May 1998.

As a volunteer in the project, I write code, fix bugs, create documentation. I used to maintain a few ports, but no longer do so.

I live in India.

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Apr 10, 2008
Last site update.
11 Apr 2007
Mentor for two students at Google's Summer of Code 2007.
10 Feb 2007
Public review of the Libelf tutorial is requested.
10 Dec 2006
An BSDTalk podcast on LibElf.
06 Dec 2006
A snapshot of the tutorial for LibElf.
10 Nov 2006
Libelf patch and test-suite for review.
02 Jun 2006
A PmcTools wiki.
01 Jun 2006
patch supporting profiling of dynamically loaded objects.

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