FreeBSD CVSup Access Policy


This document presents the access policy for CVSup services on and

FreeBSD's network of CVSup mirrors is organized in the following way. At the center of the universe is freefall, which holds the master CVS repository where the committers do their work. CVSup-master mirrors the repository from freefall continuously, with a goal of lagging the state of freefall by 6 minutes or less at all times. The public FreeBSD mirror sites in turn update themselves periodically from CVSup-master. These updates occur hourly for almost all mirror sites. Consequently, the public mirrors lag freefall by about 66 minutes worst case and 33 minutes average.

In order to minimize the lag between freefall and CVSup-master, freefall must have no other CVSup clients under normal conditions. Likewise, to reduce the lag experienced by mirror sites, we must limit the load on CVSup-master and on the FreeBSD project's Internet connection. Thus we control access to these servers according to the following rules.

Access policy for public FreeBSD mirror sites

Access policy for FreeBSD committers

Access policy for everybody else

Only public mirror sites and committers may get their updates from freefall or CVSup-master. Everybody else must use the public mirror sites.
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John Polstra, 14 June 2003