This page contains my ad-hoc testing results for cards under NEWCARD. These results are updated from time to time and represent the testing of NEWCARD by the author. These hundred or so cards represent almost all of my pccard collection. More cards will be added to this list as I find time to test them.

All cards tested on a Dell Inspiron 8000. This has a TI4451 CardBus bridge with acpi enabled. Until around Februrary 2004, at which point I switched to a Sony PCG-Z1WA. After May 2006, all testing was done on a HP Pavilion dv5000. After April 2009 I added a 300MHz Toshiba Tecra 8000 to the mix for some testing as well.

The author is not soliciting entries for this list at this time. Sorry, but I don't have the time to do that.

Some fixes to some cards may be in the author's p4 tree and not yet integrated with the rest of FreeBSD.
Total138(Some Multifunction cards)

16-Bit PC Cards (aka PCMCIA Cards)

Vendor Model driver date status
Adaptec 1460 aic 20020922 OK
Adaptec 1460-D aic 20020922 OK
New Media Bus Toaster aic 20020922 BAD -- Driver fails to recognize card
Cisco 340 an 20031011 OK
Cisco 350 an 20031026 OK
IBM 1G Microdrive ata 20021010 OK
Lexar 256MB CF ata 20021019 OK
Kingston 32MB CF ata 20021019 OK
RAMStar 256MB CF ata 20021019 OK
SanDisk 10MB PC CARD ATA ata 20021010 OK
Shining PMIDE-ASC (Pocket Drive) ata 20021028 OK
Simple 4MB CF ata 20021010 OK
Sony Memory Stick/PC Card Adaptor ata 20021010 OK
Viking 64MB CF ata 20021010 OK
IBM EtherJet cs 20050128 OK
Belkin F5D5020 ed AX88190 20090402 OK
Billionton 10Base-TX Ethernet PC Card ed (NE2000) 20090402 OK
Corega FastEther PCC-TX ed DL10019 20090402 OK
Corega FastEther PCC-TXD ed AX88790 20090402 OK
CyQ've ELA-010 ed 20090418 OK
D-Link DE-650 ed 20090409 Unknown
D-Link DE-660 ed 20090409 OK
D-Link DE-660+ ed 20090418 OK
D-Link DFE-650 ed 20090402 OK
D-Link DFE-650TX ed DL10019 20090402 OK
D-Link DFE-670TX ed 20050711 OK
D-Link DFE-670TXD ed AX88790 20090402 OK
Dayna Communications Communicard plus ed 20050907 OK
Digital Ethernet Adapter ed dp83926 20090405 OK
Epson Ethernet Card ed DP83926 20090405 OK (no dongle)
Generic NE2000 Generic Clone ed TC3299 20090405 OK
Hawking Fast Ethernet PC Card ed 20090402 OK
IBM Home and Away ed+sio 20050907 BAD -- hangs on dhclient
IBM Infomover (aka Ethernet II) ed 20090405 OK
MagicLink PC Card Ethernet ed DP83926 20090406 OK
Kingston KNE-PC2T ed 20090409 OK
Linksys EC2T ed (AX88190) 20050907 OK
Linksys PCMLM56 ed 20050907 OK
Linksys PCMLM56 sio 20050711 BAD -- sio not attached
Linksys PCMPC100 (V3) ed AX88W190 20090402 OK
NetGear FA-410 ed DL10019 20090402 OK
NetGear FA-411 AX88790 ed 20090402 OK
RIOS PC CARD3 Ethernet ed DP83926 20090402 OK
SMC SMC8040TX ed AX88790 20090402 OK
SMC SMC8041TX ed TC5299J 20090402 OK
SMC EZ PC Card 10 ed TC3299 20090406 OK
Socket LP-E ed 20090402 OK
TAMARACK Ethernet ed TC3299 20090406 OK
Umax Ethernet PC Card ed W89C926 20090406 OK
Xircom CompactCard Ethernet10 ed 20090409 OK
3Com 3C1 ep 20090412 OK
3Com/Megahertz 3CXEM556 ep 20050711 OK
3Com/Megahertz 3CCEM556B ep 20050711 OK
3Com/Megahertz 3CCFEM556 ep 20050711 OK
3Com 3C562 ep 20050711 OK
3Com 3C562C/3C563C ep 20050711 OK
3Com 3C562D/3C563D ep 20050711 OK
3Com 3CCSH572BT ep 20090409 OK
3Com 3C574-TX ep 20050711 OK
3Com 3CCFE574BT ep 20090409 OK
3Com 3C589B ep 20050711 OK
3Com 3C589C ep 20040711 OK
3Com 3C589D ep 20050711 OK
3Com 3C589D-TP ep 20050711 OK
3Com 3CXE589EC ep 20090409 OK
3Com 3CCE589EC ep 20090409 OK
Farallon EtherWave and EtherMac PN595 ep 20050827 OK
Olicom OC2220 ex 20050711 OK
Olicom OC2232 ex and sio 20050711 OK -- sio works, ethernet doesn't.
Silicom Ethernet LAN Card ex 20050711 OK
Silicom EtherSerial ex and sio 20050711 OK -- ex attaches but sio doesn't.
Fujitsu LAN Card fe 20050128 OK
Hitachi HT-4840-11 fe 20090405 OK
Eiger Labs/Fujitsu 10BaseT Ethernet fe 20050120 OK
Xircom CE10 (CreditCard Ethernet Adapter) fe 20090405 OK -- No dongle to verify actual function
Game Card B236 joy BAD -- CIS can't be read
KME KXLC002 ncv 20020922 OK, no dongle, works by accident
I-O DATA PCSC-F nsp 20020922 BAD -- Null pointer dereference
3Com 3CXEM556 sio 20050711 OK
3Com 3CCEM556B sio 20050711 OK
3Com 3CCFEM556 sio 20050711 OK
3Com 3CXEM556 sio 20050711 OK
3Com 3C562 sio 20050711 OK
3Com 3C562C/3C563C sio 20050711 OK
3Com 3C562D/3C563D sio 20050711 OK
Boca 56K Modem sio 20020922 OK
Motorola Montana sio 20020922 OK
Megahertz XJ1144 sio 20020922 OK
Megahertz XJ4288 sio 20021009 OK
Motorola Montana sio 20020922 OK
PhoneWorks ISDN sio 20020922 OK (attaches, AT commands OK, not tested)
Psion GoldCard sio 20020922 OK
Megahertz XJ10BT sn 20050708 OK
Farallon EtherMac PC Card PN595a sn 20050827 OK
NEC PC-9801-J02 snc BAD -- pc98 only at the moment
Future Domain Corp SCSI2GO stg 20020922 OK, no scsi bus, works by accident
3COM AirConnect (3CRWE737A) wi 20020922 OK
3COM AirConnect (3CRWE737A) Rev B wi 20020922 OK
Buffalo WLI-CF-S11G wi 20021010 OK
D-Link DWL-650 wi 20031115 OK
Lucent WaveLAN Silver wi 20030430 OK
Orinoco WaveLAN Gold wi 20030430 OK
Proxim RangeLAN-DS wi 20021021 OK
SMC SMC2602W (3.3V) wi 20020922 OK
Symbol Spectrum24 LA4100 CF Card wi 20021021 OK
Compaq 10/100 PC Card xe 20050715 OK
Intel PRO/100 LAN+Modem56
xe 20050711 OK
Intel PRO/100 LAN+Modem56
sio 20020921 BAD -- sio doesn't attach
Xircom CE3
xe 20050711 OK
Xircom CEM33
xe 20050711 OK
Xircom CEM33
sio 20050711 BAD -- sio doesn't attach to modem
Xircom PS-CE2-10 (old) xe 20050715 OK
Xircom PS-CE2-10 (new) xe 20050715 OK
Xircom PS-CEM-28
xe 20050711 OK
Xircom PS-CEM-28
sio 20050711 BAD -- 28.8 modem not attached
Xircom PS-CEM2 xe 20050715 BAD -- 10base2 detected for 10baseT
Xircom PS-CEM2 sio 20050715 BAD -- modem not attached
Xircom RE-100 xe 20050715 OK

32-bit CardBus cards

Vendor Model driver date status
Adaptec 1480A ahc 20020921 BAD -- CIS issue
Ativa Wireless G Notebook Card ath 20090405 OK
Hawking Fast Ethernet CardBus dc 20090402 BAD -- PHY doesn't attach
IBM 10/100 EtherJet dc 20020922 OK
Kingston Fast EtheRx CardBus dc 20020926 BAD -- can't detect ethernet carrier
Linksys PCMPC200 dc 20021019 OK
Netgear FA510 dc 20020926 BAD -- can't detect ethernet carrier
TRENDnet TE100-PCBUSR dc 20020926 OK
Xircom CBE2-100 dc 20030430 OK
Xircom CBEM56G-100
dc 20020921 OK
Xircom RBE-100 dc 20030430 OK
Intel Intel PRO/100 CardbusII
fxp 20030430 OK
Generic ExpressCard to PCMCIA ehci/ohci 20090421 OK -- Only USB ExpressCards work, or can work, in this adapter
Generic USB 2.0 CardBus Card ehci/ohci 20090421 OK
Netgear GA510 re 20090402
Aprotech 32-Bit 10/100 Mbps Cardbus rl 20031231 OK
Unex MD010C rl 20090405 OK
Xircom CBEM56G-100
sio 20020921 BAD -- sio_pci/sio_puc issue
3Com 3CXFE575BT xl 20090409 OK
3Com 3CXFE575CT xl 20090409 OK
3Com 3CCFE575CT xl 20090409 OK
3Com 3CXFEM656C xl 20030415 OK (see below for modem)

Driverless Cards
Vendor Model status
3Com Modem in 3CXFEM656C Modem doesn't work, 3com won't release programming information.
D-Link DWL-650+ ndis and the port net/acx are rumored to work.
Fujitsu LAN/SCSI Combo Needs a driver written, almost no info exists on card.
IBM LAN Entry Needs a driver written, almost no info exists on card.
Megahertz EM1144 Needs special driver
Megahertz XJEM3336 Needs special driver (port NetBSD's?)
Nokia D211 Linux driver port possible. Linux driver available to registered users.
Ositech Jack of Hearts See Megaheartz XJEM3336 I think
Proxim Symphony PCWN-S OpenBSD driver kinda written, but supposedly doesn't work there. Rumors of a Linux driver are unconfirmed.
ZoomAir 4000 awi driver removed from FreeBSD tree.
Xircom CNW cnw driver removed from FreeBSD tree.
WebGEAR Aviator 2.4 ray driver removed from the FreeBSD tree.
Digital RangeLan wlp PAO3 driver never ported forward.

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