RCSHIST(1)		FreeBSD General Commands Manual 	    RCSHIST(1)

     rcshist -- display RCS change history

     rcshist [-mR] [-r branch|MAIN|ALL] file ...
     rcshist -L revision rcsfile

     The rcshist utility displays the complete revision history of a set of
     RCS files including log messages and patches.  The output is sorted in
     reverse date order over all revisions of all files.

     The second form displays the patch associated with a particular revision
     of an RCS file.  In this case, the revision must be specified numerically
     and rcsfile must be an RCS ,v file.

     The options are as follows:

     -m 	 Reduce memory usage by retaining only a small fraction of
		 revisions in memory.  Normally, rcshist will cache all revi-
		 sions of all files, since this reduces computation time sig-
		 nificantly.  For very large file sets, this behaviour can
		 cause excessive memory usage.

     -R 	 Recursively search all paths specified for files to analyse.

     -r branch|MAIN|ALL
		 Restrict output to revisions on the specified symbolic branch
		 tag.  Two special branch names are supported:

		 MAIN	   Only revisions on the main trunk branch are dis-

		 ALL	   All revisions are displayed regardless of their
			   branch.  This is the default if rcshist cannot
			   infer a branch tag from a CVS/Tag file.

     Each file listed on the command line specifies an RCS file to be exam-
     ined.  The filename is interpreted as follows:

     If the file has a ,v suffix, rcshist considers it as an RCS format file
     and opens it directly.

     If the file has no ,v suffix, rcshist searches for a CVS directory in the
     same directory as the file.  If this exists, rcshist attempts to find the
     RCS file based on the contents of the CVS/Root and CVS/Repository files.
     If a CVS/Tag file exists, and if no branch tag has been specified on the
     command-line or inferred from elsewhere, then rcshist uses the branch tag
     from CVS/Tag as the default branch to display.

     Finally, the file has no ,v suffix and no CVS directory was found,
     rcshist searches for an RCS directory in the same directory as the file.
     If this exists, rcshist will look for an RCS ,v file corresponding to the
     specified file.

     If rcshist fails to locate an RCS file corresponding to a specified com-
     mand-line filename, rcshist will simply print a warning message and con-

     cvs(1), rcs(1), rlog(1), rcsdiff(1), rcsfile(5),

     Ian Dowse <iedowse@FreeBSD.org>

FreeBSD 7.0		       February 8, 2005 		   FreeBSD 7.0