The Care and Feeding of ISDN4BSD
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12.4 Audio Format 12 Setting up the 12.6 DTMF Decoding

12.5 Available Scripts

Several scripts come with isdn4bsd in the etc-isdn directory:

a very simple example of an answering script
this is part of the built-in answering system. This script will play a message to the calling person and then record anything until the persons hangs up or a predefined limit is reached into data files in directory /var/isdn. The information in the filename of the created audio data file will be used by the full screen isdntel(1) program which is ``just'' the user interface to the answering machine. It will allow you to delete and play messages and will show you when a message was recorded and from where.
will record a message. This script can be used to record own messages if you just call yourself.
will tell you the number you are calling from and
will record a message after it told you your number.

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