The Care and Feeding of ISDN4BSD
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12 Setting up the 12 Setting up the 12.2 isdnd.rc Setup

12.1 Overview

The components involved in the answering system are the following:


The isdn daemon isdnd has to be configured to handle the connection establishment over the D-channel. Incoming calls as well as outgoing calls (see 3.2.8) are possible (The outgoing call mechanism is very preliminary and may change in the future - because of this it is not documented here) and it does not matter, if the originating side calls from an ISDN or an analog telephone. Once the connection to the remote site has been established, a B-channel is connected to the i4btel character device driver, and if configured to do so, it performs some audio format conversions and makes the audio data available at one of the /dev/i4btel<n> devices in userland.

What does each component do?

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