The Care and Feeding of ISDN4BSD
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11.1 Encapsulation Format 11 Setting up an 11.3 isdnd.rc Setup

11.2 Overview

Here is an overview of the components involved in setting up ipr - based links:


The isdn daemon isdnd has to be configured to handle the connection establishment over the D-channel. Once the connection to the remote site has been established, a B-channel is connected to the i4bipr network device driver, which basically just gets the IP packets out of the B-channel data stream and hands it to the kernels networking subsystem and vice versa. The i4bipr network device is then visible as one of the ipr<n> (for example ipr0 or ipr1) interfaces.

What does each component do?

And this is the setup for the following example:


This is my own setup for my gateway to the Internet. A dedicated Firewall machine running FreeBSD is connected to a small PBX which in turn is connected to the ISDN network of the Telekom. The remote side is a machine running the NetGW product from NetCS which is configured to use the ``IP in raw HDLC'' format.

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Hellmuth Michaelis 2000-05-08