The Care and Feeding of ISDN4BSD
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5.7 Kernel Configuration and 5.7 Kernel Configuration and 5.7.2 Booting your new

5.7.1 Compiling and Installing the Kernel

When you are finished editing your kernel configuration file, you must prepare your new kernel for installation. First execute the command ``config ISDN4BSD'' where ISDN4BSD is the name of the kernel configuration file we just edited. Running this command must produce no error messages and the final message must be: ``Kernel build directory is ../../compile/ISDN4BSD''.

Now you can compile your new kernel; change your working directory to the just created kernel build directory by executing ``cd ../../compile/ISDN4BSD'' and execute ``make depend''. This step is mandatory because it initializes all dependencies in the source tree. It may take a while until it is finished. After that you are ready to actually compile your new kernel. Execute ``make'' - this may also take a while. After it has finished you are ready to install your kernel by executing ``make install''. Now you should do a reboot by executing ``shutdown -r now''.

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