The Care and Feeding of ISDN4BSD
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1.1 Supported Operating Systems 1 Preface 2 What is ISDN

1.2 Acknowledgements

I would like to thank Corinna, Lea and Lars for the patience they have with me.

Further, i would like to thank Gary Jennejohn and Jörg Wunsch for their longtime support, Thank You!

Martin Husemann added and maintained the port to the NetBSD operating system over the years.

Wolfgang Helbig provided valuable input and feedback in addition to becoming a layer 1 expert :-)

The following people contributed to and supported isdn4bsd:

Serge Vakulenko, Thomas Halenbeck, Stephan Forth, Arne Helme, Andrew Gordon, Juergen Krause, Michael Elbel, Leo Weppelman, Bas Oude Nijeweme, German Tischler, Matthias Apitz, Martijn Plak, Ignatios Souvatzis, Christoph Weber-Fahr, Eivind Eklund, Karsten Keil, Bert Driehuis, Barry Scott, Poul-Henning Kamp, Stefan Bethke, Udo Schweigert, Martin Welk, Holm Tiffe, Andreas Mutschlechner (Abaid), Christian Weissgerber (3Com USRobotics), Florian Uhl (3Com), Klaus Muehle (Dr. Neuhaus), Christian Luehrs (Stollmann), Manfred Jung (Stollmann), Axel Riemer (ELSA), Werner Fehr (ELSA), Andreas Klemm, Andreas Lohrum, Arve Ronning, Aurelien Bargy, Bart van Leeuwen, Christian Wolf, Christoph Kukulies, Daniel Rock, David Wetzel, Dirk Meyer, Dominik Brettnacher, Gabor Dolla, Hans Huebner, Harald Hanche-Olsen, Harold Gutch, Heiko Schaefer, Joachim Kuebart, Julian H. Stacey, Lars Koeller, Malte Lance, Martin Recktenwald, Meike Aulbach, Michael Hohmuth, Nils Ulltveit-Moe, Paul Sijben, Rob Pickering, Stefan Esser, Stefan Herrmann and Wolfgang Solfrank.

This document was written on a FreeBSD system using the LYX WYSIWYG interface to LATEX. The LYX output was post processed by the LATEXdocument processing package (which i installed as the teTEX package) and then printed out using the dvips postscript driver and/or the xdvi X Windows interface program.

Every program used to produce this text is freely available and is just fun to use; a big ``Thank You'' to everyone involved making such good tools available!

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Hellmuth Michaelis 2000-05-08