The Care and Feeding of ISDN4BSD
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5.4.4 The isic Driver 5 Installation and Kernel 5.6 Kernel Configuration for

5.5 Kernel Configuration for ISA Plug and Play (PnP) Cards

For an ISA PnP card such as the Creatix ISDN-S0 P&P you need to add a line which enables support for your type of card, in this case it is the line:

options ``CRTX_S0_P''

Because ISA PnP cards are automatically configured by the BIOS4or the Operating System, there is no need to specify i/o-port, memory or interrupt values in the kernel configuration file, so you need a line like this for your PnP card:

device isic0 at isa? port ? irq ? vector isicintr

Again, this line is for a FreeBSD >= 3.1 kernel, for FreeBSD 4.0 and up this line must be used:

device isic0

Optional but recommended (for FreeBSD 3.x) is the following kernel config option:


The option USERCONFIG allows you in FreeBSD 3.x to reconfigure the PnP configuration at kernel boot time, for more information on this topic see the man page pnp(4).

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