The Care and Feeding of ISDN4BSD
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5.4.2 The Memory Address 5.4 Kernel Configuration for 5.4.4 The isic Driver

5.4.3 The Interrupt Number

On the ISA bus, the following interrupts (IRQ2) are available for use by an add-on card:

IRQ normally used by may be used by us
0 timer/counter no
1 keyboard no
2 interrupt controller no
3 com2 if free, yes
4 com1 if free, yes
5 lpt2 if free, yes
6 floppy controller no
7 lpt1 not available for Teles S0/16
8 real time clock no
9 unassigned if free, yes
10 unassigned if free, yes
11 unassigned if free, yes
12 ps/2 mouse not recommended
13 floating point coprocessor no
14 IDE hard disk controller not available for Teles S0/16
15 unassigned if free, yes

Again, for our example, lets assume you don't have a second printer adapter or anything else which might already use IRQ 5 installed, so we will use it for the Teles S0/16.

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Hellmuth Michaelis 2000-05-08