The Care and Feeding of ISDN4BSD
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5.2.3 The Interrupt Number 5.2 Kernel Configuration for 5.2.5 The isic Driver

5.2.4 The isic Driver Configuration Line for FreeBSD 4.x

With the information we found out in the above paragraphs, we are now able to enter the second line into our kernel configuration file for FreeBSD 4.x:

device isic0 at isa? port 0xd80 iomem 0xd0000 irq 5 flags 2

This tells the kernel that there is a new device driver to be configured into the kernel (device), the name of the driver is isic, this is the first card using this driver (the 0 in isic0), the card is an ISA3card which plugs into one of the ISA bus slots (at isa?), the i/o-port base address is 0xd80, the memory start address is 0xd0000, the interrupt number to use is 5 and the card-specific flag value is 0x02 (mandatory).

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Hellmuth Michaelis 2001-08-16