The Care and Feeding of ISDN4BSD
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6.1.5 Configuring Simple Mode 6.1 The isdnd.rc Configuration 6.1.7 Configuring Variable Unit-Length

6.1.6 Configuring Fixed Unit-Length Short hold Mode for Outgoing Calls

For short hold mode, the selected unitlength and idletime-outgoing must be greater than 0 (zero); earlyhangup must be >= 0 (zero).

The following drawing shall be used to explain how short hold mode works and is configured:


During the unchecked window (A-B), which is (unitlength - (idle-time + earlyhangup)) in length, no idle check is done. After the unchecked window has ended, the line is checked for idle-time seconds length (B-C) for traffic taking place. In case there was traffic detected in the B-C idletime check-window, the same procedure is restarted at the beginning of the next unit. In case no traffic was detected during the B-C idletime check-window, the line is closed at point C, earlyhangup-time before the next expecting charging unit would have occurred.

Notice: unitlength must (!) be greater than the sum of idletime-outgoing and earlyhangup!

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